Posted: 1 year ago

Hermit Space is Hosting Archil Tabagary's Exhibition

Gallery Hermit Space is hosting Georgian artist Archil Tabagary's exhibition on December 2.
Archil Tabagary's work consolidates various fields of visual media and fine arts. The artist's individual method of observation and creative approach is formed by the artistic analysis of the material, the construction of the composition, and the surrounding reality.
Tabagary's works fuse documentary vision and traditional mannerisms. It is important that Archil Tabagary's creative approach in the direction of graphics or sculpture follows a realistic, somewhat classical handwriting.
The 20-year crisis phase of the artist's biographical life plays the role of psychological support in Archil's work - it is with this kind of strong artistic impulse that Tabagary develops the traditional expression of the eternity of art, the system of aesthetic values ​​in modern times with individual handwriting and refined craftsmanship.