Posted: 1 year ago

The Exhibition "Gazebo 1976" Takes Place in Tbilisi

The exhibition, "Gazebo 1976" features the work of Ana Kajaia and Teo Tigishvili, and aims to inspire audiences about the art of production design.
The exhibition will include a screening of their short film, which tells the story of a man going through a breakup and reminiscing about his past at a motel in 1970s Arizona. The film will be accompanied by an architectural model of the motel and its surrounding landscape. There will also be a set installation that transports visitors into the world of the film. Experience the creative vision of these two artists and join us on Tuesday 20th.
Location: 10a S.Akhmeteli street, Georgian Film, Space “Art Therapy”
Opening: 20th of December 20:00-23:45