Government Set Rule for Indexing Pensions

The government has set a rule for indexing pensions.

Economy Minister: Agara Sugar Plant will Replace Imports by 50%

On June 9 Economy Minister Natia Turnava and Agriculture Minister Levan Davitashvili visited the village of Agara, where Agara Sugar complex was inaugurated. Agara Sugar will replace sugar exports by 50%, Natia Turnava noted.

Rehabilitation of 8 Km Section of Samtredia-Lanchkhuti-Grigoleti to be Completed

According to the Roads Department of Georgia, the rehabilitation of an 8 km section of Samtredia-Lanchkhuti-Grigoleti highway, which has international importance, was completed ahead of the schedule as a result of intensive work.

Kutaisi Now Enjoys 24/7 Water Supply for the First Time

For the first time in its history, Kutaisi now enjoys 24/7 water supply, as the United Water Supply Company completes phase two of the construction of Kutaisi's water supply infrastructure.

Building of a New Terminal in Kutaisi International Airport Continues

The prime minister got acquainted with the building process of a new terminal together with Maia Tskitishvili.

Traffic on Kutaisi Bypass Road will be Resumed from July

According to the plan, the works of the 4-lane high-speed highway of Kutaisi bypass road are underway.

Scientists from Cambridge and University of London will be Involved in Creating a Post-crisis Plan for Georgia

The Georgian government is working on a strategy for the post-crisis economic plan of the Coronavirus. The document is expected to be released in about two months.

19.5% of Georgians Under the Absolute Poverty Line

19.5% of Georgians are under the absolute poverty line, according to the 2019 data of Geostat.

Government to Purchase New Subway Cars for 60 Million Euros

The government plans to purchase new, modern-style subway cars.