United and Delta Airlines to Explore Aviation and Tourism Infrastructure in Georgia

Mariam Kvrivishvili, head of National Tourism Administration, has published a post on her Social network page on the working visit that the Georgian governmental delegation led by Economy Minister Natia Turnava has paid to the USA.

Wizz Air Launches Direct Flights between Georgia and Denmark

Direct regular flights are launched between Georgia and Denmark.

Georgia to Initiate Tbilisi Urban Railway Project

Supposed cost of the project is over 174 million – 218 million USD, the cost depends on the number of the railway lane.

OECD: Georgia is Leading, Outstanding country in terms of Investment Attractiveness

“Georgia, with its openness, is a leading, outstanding country in terms of investment attractiveness,”

Passenger Turnover at Georgian Airports Declined by 11% in August

According to Georgian Airports Association, in August passenger turnover at Georgian airports declined by 11%, instead of expected 14% growth.

Gender Pay Gap Issue in Georgia amounts to 37% - What Causes the Dramatic Gap

Gender pay gap has become a prominent issue across the world. Indeed, women on average earn 25% less than men in a number of Western countries. This gap has negative effects not only on society as a whole, but also on economic growth.

Georgian Delegation Introduced Investment Proposal to the Dutch Shipbuilding Company DAMEN

Representatives of the large Dutch shipbuilding company DAMEN plan to visit Georgia in the nearest future.

Georgia has new ambassadors in Ukraine, Kuwait and Vatican

Georgia has new Ambassadors in Ukraine, Kuwait and Vatican.

Georgia and US Airlines Negotiate over Direct Flights between them

Georgia starts negotiations with the USA to launch direct flights. The Economy Minister has traveled to the United States to hold talks with two leading US airlines.