The Uncertain Future of Georgia's Republican Hospital: Demolition, Reconstruction, or Rehabilitation?

For years, the issue of Georgia's Republican Hospital has been a topic of discussion, with several plans proposed to strengthen and modernize the clinic.

European Council President: Negotiations on Georgia's EU Accession to Begin by End of 2023

Georgia, along with Moldova and Ukraine, may soon begin the process of negotiations to join the European Union, according to Charles Michel, the President of the European Council.

Inflation and Refinancing Rate Predicted to Decrease at the End of Spring" - Insights from Irakli Zhvania, Partner at Kudos Georgia

As we approach the end of spring, Irakli Zhvania, a partner at Kudos Georgia consulting company, predicts that consumer prices, inflation, and refinancing rates will decrease.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to Visit Georgia to Strengthen Partnership and Emphasize the Importance of EU Civilian Crisis Management

The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is set to visit Georgia on March 29-30, according to the Swedish Embassy in Georgia.

Georgian Amelioration to Initiate Infrastructure Projects Worth ₾100.9 Million in 2023

During a meeting of the Agrarian Issues Committee of the Georgian Parliament, Tengiz Nasaridze, General Director of "Georgian Melioration" LLC, presented the company's 2022 activity report and its action plan for 2023.

Georgia's Water Reform: Introducing Internationally Recognized Standards for Sustainable Water Management

Georgia's water resources will soon be managed with the help of new legislation aimed at ensuring international standards are met.

Georgia Introduces Innovative Law to Reduce Food Waste and Landfill Dumping

Georgia's new law aims to reduce food waste and provide tax benefits to businesses that donate leftover food to charity.

GWP Announces Plans for Large Investment in Water Supply Network Rehabilitation

Georgian Water and Power (GWP) has announced its plans to make a substantial investment in the replacement of the amortized water supply network.

A Decade of Healthcare Reform in Georgia: A Look at the Funding of Private Clinics

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili recently announced that private medical clinics have received almost 6.8 billion GEL from the state's universal healthcare program over the past 10 years.