How much does Fuel Cost in Georgia; Oil Prices Plunge by 42.5%

Oil prices per barrel at the London ICE exchange trading session declined by 42.5% to 31.74 USD. As for American light oil, WTI price decreased by 48.9% to 27.72 USD.

The World Bank and Georgia

Georgia is a reforming country, and the time has come to become a country of advanced achievements, Sebastian Molineus pointed out. 

NGO: Another Attempt to Pursue the Interests of the Tobacco Industry in Parliament Is Being Legislated

Parliament's decision on amendments to the Law on Tobacco Control calls the Alliance for Tobacco Control sad and shameful.

Ships Entering Georgia have to Submit Heath Declaration due to Coronavirus Outbreak

All ships entering ports are required to comply with international health care rules, Georgian Maritime Transport Agency said.

Rehabilitation of Turtle Lake Road has been Completed

Rehabilitation of the access road to Turtle Lake has been completed. Within the framework of the project, the three-kilometer section of road was fully arranged.

The World and Georgia as Seen by the Author of Polish Shock Therapy

In his interview, Leszek Henryk Balcerowicz, the author of Polish Shock Therapy, talked about the rule of law and the importance of the free market.

Wizz Air Reduced Flight Frequency from Kutaisi to Some Italian Cities

Wizz Air has reduced the number of flights from Kutaisi Airport to several Italian cities.

Georgia’s Macroeconomic and Financial Policy

The macroeconomic environment in the country, the completed and ongoing reforms – Irakli Kovzanadze, head of the Parliament’s finance and budget committee discussed these issues

Europe’s Biggest Solar Panels Manufacturing Plant Opens at HUALING Free Industrial Zone

The Europe’s biggest solar panels manufacturing company has launched operation in Hualing Free Industrial Zone. German brand AE Solar has been successfully operating in Georgia for 3 years.