Posted: 11 months ago

NFT Artwork from Tskaltubo to be Auctioned at Sotheby's

The digital artwork "Euphoria," created by Swedish artist Ryan Koopmans in Tskaltubo, Georgia, will be sold at the prestigious auction house Sotheby's. The artist made the announcement on his Instagram account and mentioned that the blockchain-integrated artwork would be exhibited at Sotheby's Paris gallery before the auction.

Sotheby's describes "Euphoria" as a mixed technique of photography and animation that brings an abandoned historical building to life and imbues it with a surreal touch. The artwork aims to convey the continuity of time, the revival of nature, and the socio-historical nuances of the architectural landscape.

The auction for "Euphoria" has already begun, and it is one of the most expensive works in the collection, with a sale price between 25 and 35 thousand euros, according to Sotheby's. Interested buyers can even pay with cryptocurrency.

The NFT artwork "Euphoria" is part of a collection that includes works shot in one of the sanatoriums in Tskaltubo, known to Georgian readers. Last year, one of the collection's artworks was purchased by famous American actor Jim Carrey.