Posted: 3 weeks ago

Exhibition on Etruscan Civilization Opens in Ancient City of Kolkheti - Vani with Tibis Support

With the support of Tibis and organized by the Italian Embassy, the Otar Lortkipanidze Vani Archaeological Museum is hosting the exhibition "The World of Etruscans: Treasures from the Museums of Chiusi, Chianciano, and Florence."

Initially displayed at the Simon Janashia Museum in Georgia's capital, the exhibition is now open to visitors in the ancient city of Kolkheti, Vani. The exhibition offers an immersive journey into the enigmatic world of the Etruscans, showcasing the most advanced civilization in pre-Roman Italy. Visitors will learn about the Etruscans' existence, beliefs, customs, traditions, writing, and depictions of people.

The exhibition features a diverse array of artifacts, including sculptures, bronze vessels, ceramics, gold items, and the famous canopic jars used to store ashes, characteristic of the Chiusi area. Among the unique items on display are two artifacts connected to Kolkheti: a clay bowl dating back to 400-380 BC and a bronze mirror from 300-275 BC depicting the myth of the Argonauts.

This exhibition in Georgia is supported by TBC, the Embassy of Italy, the Regional Department of Museums of Tuscany, the Italian company Glocal Project Consulting, and the organizational support of the National Museum of Georgia.

TBC is a significant supporter of culture and education across the country, aiming for the long-term and consistent promotion of cultural institutions and individual art projects. This exemplary exhibition, which began at the Simon Janashia Museum in Tbilisi, will be showcased at the Otar Lortkipanidze Vani Archaeological Museum until the end of August.