Furniture Production Increased in Georgia - Sector Cites Several Reasons

Furniture production is increasing in Georgia. According to "Galt & Taggart" data, in 2017-21, the share of local production in the furniture sector increased from 22.1% to 27.0%.

Intenational Consultants are Looking Into Investment Opportunities

The location's consultants, Peter Ryan and Michael Zdanowski, held meetings with local consulting companies, business associations, international organizations, and foreign companies operating in Georgia.

Helios Energy: There is 15-20% Drop in Solar Panel Prices

Tornike Darjania, the founder of the company "Helios energy", notes that the prices of solar panels on the international market decreased by about 15-20%.

Manna's Sales Increased by 250%

In 2022, the Georgian tea company "Manna" increased its sales on the local market to 250%.

Gori Inn is Building an Event Space on the Territory of the Former circus

According to the executive director of "Inn Group", Erekle Kokaia, a special tent was purchased for this purpose, in the shape of the circus building that existed in Gori until 1996.

Liveboard - a Platform Created for Online Teachers

At 500Georgia's Demo Day, Liveboard, a platform for online educators, was presented to investors and audiences, allowing users to manage and grow their business.

Fady Asly Announces SME Assistance Center Establishment in Georgia

ICC Chairman Fady Asly Highlights Focus on Entrepreneurship Center in Georgia. Secretary General Leads Delegation for Center Establishment.

Zarapxana Invests Half a Million GEL in Production Optimization in 2023

In 2023, the jewelry company ''Zarapxana'' will focus on retooling the company and optimizing production, in which it plans to invest about half a million GEL.

Chikatai to Expand Sales to Australia and Italy

The toy manufacturing company, Chikatai, plans to expand its reach by selling its products in Australia and Italy, according to the company's founder, Tamar Buiglishvili.