GOTPA: Georgian Tea is in High Demand on the World Market

The rehabilitation of tea plantations will enter an active phase in 2021, in Georgia.

Tsivis Kveli Expands its Sales Area in the US

After Chicago, different cities of America expressed interest in Georgian-produced cheese.

BAG Discusses Matters of the Need to Reopen the Economy from February 1st

BAG discusses the matters of the necessity to reopen the economy from February 1st. 

Cafe "Eight +1" - Youth Cafe and Free Space for Events in Ozurgeti

Cafe "Eight +1" is located in Ozurgeti, Guria and is the only literary cafe, which is a social enterprise. It's a space for multicultural events and meetings for local youth. As well as their place of employment.

Cheese School Opening to Postpone Indefinitely

The opening of a cheese school in Georgia has been postponed indefinitely due to pandemic restrictions.

Fresh Culinair to Open in Tbilisi

The varieties of violet, orange, green and other colors of cabbage, all types of zucchini and artichokes, Montero, Kumato - more than 750 different exotic and less-known varieties of fruits and vegetables, opened the first fresh culinary store in Tbilisi.

Construction of Bamboo Beach Tsikhisdziri to Complete at the End of 2021

The construction works of Bamboo Beach Tsikhisdziri will be completed at the end of 2021. 

Steffen Hoffmann Appointed as New Regional Director of BOSCH

Bosch has a new regional director. The new regional director of the group is Steffen Hoffmann, who has 29 years of experience with the company.

Remote Workers from 90 Countries Applied to Work From Georgia Program

Since August 27, 2020 through January 17, 2021, over 2,000 citizens of 90 countries have applied for the Work from Georgia program.