Innovation and German Quality: How Bayer Became the Largest Corporation

"Health for all, hunger for no one"—this is the mission of Bayer, the largest pharmaceutical and agricultural production company, a mission it has pursued for over a century.

Georgian Video Game Wins at Digital Dragons International Conference

The Georgian video game "Dumbriel: Magnificent Adventure in Hell" has emerged as the winner at the Digital Dragons international conference, one of Europe's largest B2B conferences in the games industry.

Uber Georgia Launches Premium Taxi Service in Tbilisi

The Uber Georgia taxi application has officially launched in Tbilisi, allowing users to access Uber Georgia's premium service, Uber Black.

EBRD Allocates €3 Million Loan to Gebrüder Weiss for Logistics Terminal Expansion Near Tbilisi

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has granted a €3 million loan to Austrian logistics company Gebrüder Weiss for the expansion of its logistics center near Tbilisi.

Foreign Investment at Risk: DWV Head Forewarns Impact of New Legislation in Georgia

Sascha Ternes, head of the German Economic Union (DWV), has expressed concern over the draft law on "transparency of foreign influence," highlighting the surge in investor inquiries and potential negative impacts on investment.

Tornike Darjania on the Electric Future: "Invest Now, the Demand for Electricity Will Only Grow"

During an appearance on the "Business Partner" program, Tornike Darjania, head of the Solar Energy Development Association, discussed the inevitable shift towards electric vehicles and the broader electrification of heating and transportation.

"Lack of Qualifications and Education in Agriculture is Alarming," Says Luka Vardosanidze

Luka Vardosanidze, a representative from the company "Despani," expressed concern over the lack of qualifications and education in the agricultural sector, particularly in beekeeping, during his appearance on the "Business Partner" program.

Georgian Billionaire Acquires Majority Stake in English Football Club Wycombe Wanderers

Georgian billionaire Mikheil Lomtadze has purchased 90% of the shares in the English professional football club Wycombe Wanderers, according to an announcement on the club's official website.

Coal Production Reaches One Million Tons in Four Years Due to Enhanced Mining Operations

Over the past four years, through comprehensive mine rehabilitation and enhanced working conditions, the rate of coal extraction has seen significant improvements.