Geokhemsi Starts Production of Dried Fruits and Churchkhela in Khashuri

Geokhemsi, a manufacturer of dried fruits and churchkhela, plans to expand its sales market, which is located in Khashuri and is currently being sold locally.

The Company Manna Brings Fruit Tea to the Market

Tea producing company "Manna" will bring fruit tea to the market in 2 weeks.

ANN’S ART Handmade Décor for Modern Interior

Ann’s Art produces handmade décor for modern interior. As noted by the company founder, the inspiration with arts and décor came amid the pandemic.

Natakhtari Fund Presented 2020 Annual Report to the Public

Natakhtari Fund was founded in 2011. The aim of the Fund is to strengthen adolescents without parental care and young people who left the care system and prepare them for independent living.

Goalcatcher Builds Educational Center in Kaspi

Goalcatcher will build a community-educational center "Komli" in Kaspi, near the technopark. Construction works will begin in the summer.

Rompetrol will Actively Engage in the Work of the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union

The Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union was created by a joint initiative and efforts of the Embassy of Kazakhstan and Kazakh-Georgian business.

Books, Adornments and Silk Scarves – QRME’s QR-Code Products

QRME company of innovative products creates QR codes that integrate customers’ desires or ideas.

Aerial Active-Wear from Havala

Havala is a newly-created clothes brand, founded by Nini Tarashvili, based in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Government Works on Registration as a Geographical Indication of Tlugi

Karlo Amirgulashvili, Head of the Biodiversity and Forestry Department of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture declares that the agency is consulting on the protection of Tlugi as a geographical indication.