Rating of Georgian Auditing Companies

Georgia has been passing one of the reformatory ways for ensuring transparency in the private sector. Companies that satisfy due criteria are obliged to publish their auditing reports.

Tbilisi has New Shopping Center - City Mall Saburtalo Opened

Brand new shopping and entertainment centre opened in the Saburtalo district. 

The key Challenge is to Ensure the Development of a Healthy Legal Environment

Georgia is ready to establish a Paris Arbitration Court, but the judicial system should be fundamentally improved in the country, David Begiashvili says.

Businesses Should Know that they Are Able to Protect their Interests in Arbitration or Court

Vano Ioseliani, head of the My Rancho company, noted that Georgia has implemented a lot of reforms, and the country is ready to establish an arbitration court. 

Georgia Needs to Establish a Paris Arbitration Court in Tbilisi

“At this stage, the Paris Arbitration Court is not ready to enter Georgia”, Fady Asly, President of the International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (ICC Georgia), noted. 

Google, NASA, Nike Representatives and Many More to be Keynote Speakers within TOUCH Summit

Tbilisi will be loaded by inspirational people for two days starting from tomorrow, gathered by the ''Touch'' digital summit. 

Court of Appeals Rejects Satisfying Appeal by Savane Ghvinis 1 Kharkana

“Interest of honest owners are protected in Georgia”, Archil Tabagari, defense lawyer of Ghvinis Karkhana 1 noted after the court assize at Court of Appeals.

Georgia’s Role in Global Market

Tbilisi has hosted the Silk Road Forum. In his interview for BusinessPartner TV Program, Marko Danon, senior economist for the Center for Advanced Economic

Georgian Application to Help You Buy Products – Homemarket

Homemarket was developed to enable consumers to buy products easier.