Large-scale Project of Joint Social Responsibility between Liberty Bank and Evex Clinics

As of today, under the unprecedented scale of the joint social responsibility project of Liberty and Evex clinics, social card holders, including pensioners, will benefit from the highest discounts.

Multifunctional Complex to be Built in the Center of Tbilisi

"New Group Kavtaradze" is building a commercial and residential building on Kavtaradze street. The client of the project is Lasha Bagrationi.  

75-room Hotel to be Built in Old Tbilisi

"Old City Group" is building a hotel in Krtsanisi district of Old Tbilisi.

53 Hectares of Tea to be Rehabilitated with the Help of Georgian Tea Program in Chkhorotsku

The state representative got acquainted with the rehabilitated tea plantations and collecting process in the village Napichkhovo, in Chkhorotsku.

Georgian Sugar Produced by Agari Factory to Replace Imports by 50%

According to the minister of economy, Georgian sugar produced by Agari factory will replace imported sugar by approximately 50%, which will significantly affect the prices.

Government Determined Regulations for Indoor Cultural Events

The government has determined the duration of the events in the closed space.

Medical Tourism Development Starts in Poti - Rehabilitation Center to be Built in Maltakva

Within the frameworks of Maltakva development plan, the rehabilitation-medical center will be built on site. 

The Company Lazi to Offer its Customers Green Tea for the First Time

The company Lazi, which operates on 300 hectares of tea plantations plans to produce approximately 160 tons of production.

Second Hand Shops have Become more Expensive in Georgia

After a pause of several months, all types of shops and markets in Georgia have been opened.