Multifunctional Space Vake Plaza to Open in September

As Rusudan Chergoleishvili mentioned with Business Partner, one will be able to rent the offices or hold informal meetings in Vake Plaza.

Myhome and Visa Launch a new Campaign to Support Local Tourism

Visa today announced the launch of a joint 2-months, “Your Summer is here” campaign with a real estate platform to support domestic tourism in Georgia.

Gurjaani Ice Cream Starts Producing Sugar-Free Ice Cream

Sugar-free ice cream will appear on the market in two weeks. Gurjaani Ice cream is launching a new product.

GreenGreen - New Biomarket Opens in Tbilisi

As a co-founder of Green Green, Salome Laperadze declared, Green Green will be oriented on natural products, including vegetables and fruit, meat, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, spices, vinegar, oil, etc.

Lin&Me Expands Production

Lin&Me expands production and adds a new line.

Snap Fitness Georgia Reopens 2 Branches in Tbilisi

The coordinating council decided to open swimming pools and gyms.

Plastics Recycling Plant to Open in Khobi

A plastics recycling plant will be built in Khobi by Chinese investments and this is one of the first examples of translocating a plant from Southeastern Asia to Georgia amid the pandemic.

Irakli Chikovani - Business Visits to Georgia will be Carried Out Smoothly from All Countries

In order to promote economic activity in Georgia, business visits from all countries will be carried out smoothly after filling a special form in advance