Carrefour Expands its Network

Carrefour will open a new branch on Vazha-Pshavela tomorrow. 

Cinemas and Theaters to Reopen on September 15

Cinemas and theaters are opening, - the decision was made by the interagency commission.

Zviad Tsikolia Continues to Work on $30,000 Personal Aircraft Model

Georgian designer Zviad Tsikolia continues to work on a personal aircraft model. As he mentioned, the single-seater aircraft will be a personal, for pleasure. 

Chateau Mukuzani Expanded Enterprise With the Support of TBC

Mukuzani is a wine of protected designation of origin, which is produced from the Saperavi grape cultivated in the region of Gurjaani, in a specific zone of Mukuzani vineyard.

The Oil and Gas Corporation Plans to Build Another Thermal Power Plant

Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation announces an international price inquiry for the construction of the third gas combined cycle thermal power plant "Gardabani 3".

Nursery Industry Developed in Marneuli

"Mza Chitili" as a part of the nursery industry opened in the village of Azizkedi, Marneuli.

Chirchkhela Plans to Export its Products to America

Georgian company Chirchkhela, which produces dried fruits and vegetables, plans to export its products to the US.

Georgian Wine to Sell at American Military Bases

Selling of Georgian wines is planned at two American military bases in Vancouver and Germany.

Wine Village to Open in Kvareli

Wine Village is being constructed in the location surrounded by vineyards in Kvareli Municipality, Kakheti Region.