Bank of Georgia Offers a New Project to 4B Member SMEs

Bank of Georgia, cares not only for financial support of businesses, but also for their future development.

Chirikela Launches New Production Line of Dried Fruit

On the 3rd anniversary of Chirikela, the company added a new production line of dried fruits and vegetables.

Solo Exhibition of Louisa Chalatashvili Holds at Fotoatelier

Louisa Chalatashvili Solo Show is represented by Gallery Fotoatelier in cooperation with Art consulting company ReachArt Visual on September 29-30th.

Opening Date of $101 Million Hotel Luxury Collection to Postpone for Several Months

The opening date of Marriott's high-class hotel - Luxury Collection has been postponed for several months.

Production of Georgian Brand Rko to Sell in France

Handwoven products in Georgia will be sold in France, Great Britain, Germany, China, Korea, and Denmark.

Breti to Sell Honey for Children

For the first time, honey for children will enter the Georgian market, which is manufactured by the company Breti.

Davitashvili: We Do Not Have Illusion that All Companies will Survive the Crisis

We do not have the illusion that all companies will survive the crisis - the Minister of Environment and Agriculture Levan Davitashvili said in the program of Palitranews.

Temur Chkonia: Mtis Tskali will Become Market Leader by 2022

Mtis Tskali sales have exceeded all expectations. As noted by Temur Chkonia, the founder of Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia, the brand will bring essential success in a year.

Georgia’s Snail Exports Triple

Georgia’s snail exports have tripled in 2020.