Georgian Concrete Sinks - Lefform Concrete Georgia launches New Enterprise with $40,000

With investments of $40,000, Lefform Concrete Georgia company launched a concrete sinks plant on 490-square-meter space in Rustavi, in July 2021.

Georgian Product Renaissance Starts Producing and Exporting Pecans

Nut processing company Georgian Products Renaissance has started production of American nut - pecans.

The Pearl Club Plans to Open its Brand Store

The Pearl Club plans to open its brand store in the near future.

Georgian Olive Soap will be for Sale from 2022

Production of Georgian olive soap has been postponed for one year.

854,851 Million GEL Tender to Announce for Construction of Gyms in Tsnori and Bolnisi

It is planned to build multifunctional gyms in Tsnori and Bolnisi.

How to Get a Georgian Residence Permit - Options for Living in Georgia

There are many reasons why one might be considering moving to Georgia and getting a residence permit. Georgia has a strategic location in the Caucasus, it’s easy to travel from here or do business.

Pizzeria Di Karkhana Offers Discounts to Vaccinated Customers

When the vaccination rate in Georgia is low and the number of people infected with COVID is growing significantly, Pizzeria di Karkhana joins the campaign to popularize the vaccination process and offers 10% discount to vaccinated customers.

Lasha Papashvili: We Plan to Open Hilton Garden Inn Tbilisi Hotel in Autumn

Hilton Garden Inn Tbilisi Chavchavadze hotel will open in the second half of September or early October, REDIX Group founder Lasha Papashvili noted. We could not find the due candidate in Georgia.

Why You Should Consider Using Bitcoin for Your Business: Bitcoins as an Asset and Technology

Bitcoin is not just an asset or store of value to hedge against the rising inflation. Bitcoin is also a technology platform used by startups from all over the world.