Piel Naturals to Open Two New Brand Stores in Telavi and Rustavi

Georgian cosmetic brand producing self-care products, Piel Naturals plans to expand and open its brand stores in Telavi and Rustavi.

Jujuna Plans to Expand its Business and Increase Sales in China

Jujuna will re-export its production to China. According to the co-founder of the company, Vaska Chubinidze, 4,000 bottles will be sent to Shanghai in 1 month.

Baia Winery to Export its Production to Chinese and Danish Markets

"Baia's Wine" will enter Chinese and Danish markets. Negotiations have already been completed.

Giraffe Plans to Expand its Export Directions in 2022

Georgian manufacturer of children's clothing, Giraffe plans to expand its export destinations this year.

Marneuli Food Factory Expands Assortment of Jams

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Marneuli Food Factory plans to add a new assortment to its production. 

Gepherrini Plans to Export its Production to China

Georgian brand Gepherrini, a manufacturer of bags, shoes, and various accessories is preparing to export to China.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia Plans to Export Mtis Tskali to Azerbaijan

Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia plans to export mineral water "Mtis Tskali" to Azerbaijan and therefore replace Bon Aqua.

Coliving New_Level: We are Building a Village for Digital Nomads in Georgia

''By traveling and communicating with digital nomads, I have concluded that Georgia is of great interest as a tourist country.''

Hotel and Tourism Business School Vatel to Receive Students from Spring

Vatel, the first tourism higher education institution in Georgia, will receive first students in the spring.