Tamar Buadze: "Not All Businesses May Be Ready for EU Tenders Yet"

Tamar Buadze, the lead for the economic reforms component under USAID's Economic Governance Program, shared insights during the "Business Partner" program

QuickShipper Secures Strategic Investment from New Nordic Venture to Expand into European Markets

QuickShipper, a leading provider of logistics solutions, has announced a significant investment from New Nordic Venture, a prestigious European fund renowned for its focus on B2B software startups.

Enterprise in Georgia Embarks on a Revolutionary Phase Offering an Alternative to Traditional Bank Financing" - Mikheil Khidureli

Enterprise in Georgia is entering an entirely new phase, introducing an alternative to traditional bank financing through the facilitation of securities issuance

Restaurants are required to display prices inclusive of VAT and service charges on their menus

The Georgian Agency of Competition and Consumer Protection, within the food service sector, has set a standard to safeguard consumer interests by mandating the disclosure of total prices.

Agronnect, an Innovative AgriTech Platform, Joins Prestigious French Accelerator HECTAR

Agronnect, an Innovative AgriTech Platform, Joins Prestigious French Accelerator HECTAR

KovZy Launches Comprehensive Restaurant Management System for Seamless Service Integration

KovZy, an innovative platform renowned for revolutionizing the restaurant business through digital transformation, has introduced a comprehensive new feature to its suite of services: a restaurant management system.

Empowering Azerbaijani Women in IT: Progress and Prospects

Globally, the gap between the number of women and men working in the fastest-growing and highest-paid fields of the future, such as computer science and engineering, is stark.

Tegeta Cars Accelerates into 2024 with Record Sales and Pioneering Electrification Efforts

The auto industry is swiftly evolving, with electrification at the forefront of this transformation.

AgroOlympiad Champions Share Their Motivation and Aspirations

For the second consecutive year, Agrosphere, the importer of innovative agricultural products and agro-techniques, has proudly supported the "European Agricultural Olympics".