Remote Workers from 90 Countries Applied to Work From Georgia Program

Since August 27, 2020 through January 17, 2021, over 2,000 citizens of 90 countries have applied for the Work from Georgia program.

Alphabet-shaped Cottages and Galleries - the Tourist Center of the Georgian Alphabet

Creating a new tourist center in the form of a map of Georgia, consisting of the letters of the Georgian alphabet, belongs to the architectural company Artitex.

Hobby Turned into Business - Mariam's Atelier in Tkibuli

The sewing studio in Tkibuli works on individual orders and simultaneously, makes face masks. According to the founder of the atelier, Mariam Tskhovrebashvili, the demand is high for the product.

Gastro Box - A New Culinary Gift Set on the Market

Gastro Box offers Georgian customers culinary boxes created with natural and exclusive products.

International Research Centers in Partnership with BTU Conduct Research in Digital Economy

Digital Economy in Georgia and the Region, Models for Its Development - A series of studies planned by the BTU Research Center will be conducted in partnership with international partner centers and scientific institutions.

Georgian Investments in the Production of Ferroalloys of Kazakhstan

Davit Kemertelidze's business activity went beyond the borders of Georgia. In the Kazakh city of Karaganda, the company YDD Corporation has launched the fifth largest factory in the world in the field of ferrosilicon production.

Guram Baghdoshvili’s Restaurant May Close in February. Resources Running out

Sectoral restrictions will be lifted starting February 1, 2021.

Georgian Post Expands Courier Services Area

Georgian Post plans to expand the courier services area for parcels in order to serve transit cargo through the city of Prague.

Ginventor to Launch the USB Cable Factory in Georgia

Ginventor launches the USB cable factory in February. Approximately 200,000 units of cables will be made on-site each month.