Partnership Fund Made a Profit of More than 134 Million

The international auditing company KPMG, a member of the so-called "Big Four", completed the financial audit of the "Partnership Fund", according to which the net profit of the fund in 2021 amounted to 134.9 million GEL.

Gamarjoba - Gurian Tea will be Sold in the Czech Republic

Gamarjoba - a Georgian brand of tea, will be available in the Czech supermarket chain Oxalis as part of the Enterprise Georgia export assistance program.

Waime Spices Exported 1.5 tons of Georgian Spices in 2022

Georgian spice manufacturer Waime Spices ended 2022 with a 10% increase and sold 6 tons of spices in total, 1.5 tons of which were exported. 

Nadi Group Built a New Farm: We will Export 200 Tons of Snails This Year

"We think we will export about 200 tons of snails abroad this year," Merab Nadaraia, the founder of snail production company Nadi Group, said.

Biblusi Group Opens the Second Store of XS Toys in Slovenja

"Another branch in Slovenia is expected to open in April and it will be located on an area of 350 sq.m.''

Georgian Kitchen "Mome" Opens in Paris

Georgian cuisine "Mome" will be launched in just a few days in Paris. According to its founder, Barbara Kharkheladze, the kitchen will offer Khinkali, Pkhaleuli, and various varieties of khachapuri.

January Silkfest continues!

On January 25, the Winter Silkfest returns with another offering. Dial *202#, visit the My Silknet app or activate the desired condition directly from the website.

VR Holding is Starting a Large-Scale Project in Shekvetili

VR Holding has acquired up to 40 hectares of land in Shekvetili with a coastline of 1200 meters.

Impact Hub is in the Finals of Global Startup Awards

Impact Hub, a place where entrepreneurs and professionals gather, is representing Georgia in Copenhagen.