Saamuri - New Georgian Wine Bar and Shop

Saamuri is the new shop and bar established by Maia Chokhonelidze and Niki Antadze, where one can taste both local and international natural wines and buy them.

ABK Employees Become Owners of the Company

From 2021, ABK communication will be maintained by the whole board, instead of one person.

Chikatai- Special Stork with Special Mission to Create Musical Toys

Chikatai is a Georgian brand created in 2017 by Tamara Buighlishvili, which creates handmade toys for children with ecologically clean and anti-allergic materials with the genius melodies of Gia Kancheli.

Construction of Kvesheti-Kobi Tunnel Starts This Year

Within the framework of constructing a 9-km tunnel and Kvesheti-Kobi main road, TBC (Tunnel Boring Machine) has arrived in Georgia.

TERMINAL Hits the Final Among Best Coworking Spaces in Eastern European Countries

The Coworking space Terminal hit the finalists of the Eurasian Startup Awards.

BIOCURE - Unique Georgian Rechnology in the World Against Oil Pollution

BIOCURE is a unique technology in the world, which was developed in Georgia and aims to eliminate the problem of oil pollution in the world.

Magnum Group Plans to Increase Productivity

Magnum Group, a local cement company plans to increase productivity next year.

British investment in Georgian IT company - Centigen Soft UK Becomes Largest Shareholder of Apollo 11

In early December 2020, a significant agreement was signed between the Georgian software company Apollo 11 and the British IT consulting company Centigen Soft UK, as a result of which Centigen Soft UK became the largest shareholder of Apollo 11.

Air Company Armenia Returns to Georgian Aviation Market

After several months of suspension, the air company Armenia returns to the Georgian aviation market.