Modernizing Viticulture: Kote Kvernadze's Innovative Approach to Grape Farming in Georgia

Kote Kvernadze, a contemporary farmer, tends to his Sartichala vineyard with the care and devotion typically reserved for a child.

Tskaltubo Sanatorium Acquired for ₾2.6 Million with Future Transformation Plans

In line with Georgia's expansive "New Life of Tskaltubo" initiative, the former sanatorium located at 48 Shota Rustaveli Street in the Tskaltubo resort area has been sold for GEL 2.6 million.

Terjola's Restaurant Rzlebi Sets Expansion Blueprint: Focused on Women's Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Dining

Terjola-based Restaurant Rzlebi has ambitious plans to not only expand its culinary operations but also to drive women's economic empowerment within the region.

Unveiling Georgia's Arbitration Reforms: Aligning Consumer Rights with European Standards

According to Gvelebiani, the study provided a comprehensive analysis of arbitration in Georgia and zeroed in on the particular challenges and inefficiencies plaguing consumer arbitration.

Nikora Group Reports Robust Financial Growth in H1 2023, Boosted by a 47% Surge in Net Profit"

In the first half of 2023, Nikora Group, a leading player in Georgia's food production and retail sectors, unveiled robust financial figures, posting a 47% hike in net profit.

Rising Demand for Luxury Bonsai Trees in Georgia

The market for bonsai trees is booming in Georgia, experiencing not only a rise in general demand but also a notable shift towards more expensive and intricately designed miniature trees.

Elevating Everyday Spaces with Soul: The Ascendant Journey of Halo Company in the World of Interior Design

Halo now offers an intricate tapestry of products for the bathroom, kitchen, beauty, and home accessories sectors, spanning an impressive range of 15 distinct categories.

Georgian Organic Producer Bio 'Bostani' Gains International Recognition but Holds Off on Exports Due to Scalability Constraints

After three years of diligent efforts, Bio "Bostanii," Georgia's first bio-certified greenhouse, has achieved a significant milestone.

Modern Technologies Are Essential for Achieving Your Goals" - Otar Koberidze

Fifteen years ago, Otar Koberidze sowed the seeds of his hazelnut empire in the village of Leliani. Back then, his humble farm spanned a mere three hectares.