Coronavirus and Hospitals

How will Georgia-based hospitals act if the coronavirus’ spread comes to a peak in the country?!

The State of Emergency and Business

How has the recently announced state of emergency  the Georgian business sector, and how prepared was the private sector in meeting the government’s instructions

Business Digital Adaptation Program -Adapter Launched Supported by Bank of Georgia

Business digital adaptation program- Adapter launched supported by Bank of Georgia. The project aims to support businesses to adapt successfully to continue their business despite the harsh global reality. 

Silknet Contributes GEL One Million to Support StopCoV Fund through Business Association of Georgia

In prevention of spreading COVID-19 virus, Silknet at an early stage took all necessary effective measures in order to run its operation smoothly and provide seamless communication services that are so vital for the country.

World Bank Allocates EUR 45 million to Georgia

World Bank Group Executive Directors officially confirmed financing Georgia for taking the measures within economic governance and competitive strategies development. The funding consists of 45 million Euros. 

Georgian Business Association and its Member Companies Donate GEL 5 Million StopCov Fund

Georgian Business Association has allocated 300 000 GEL from its own funds to fight COVID19. The Association disseminates information about it.

Georgian Company Doctor Goods Produced 40,000 Medical Gowns in a Week

Georgian producer of medical textiles, Doctor Goods, was able to produce 40,000 medical gowns in a week

Humans for Humans - Campaign to Help Damaged Businesses and Employees

National Association for Human Resources of Georgia started campaign within the frameworks of fighting against coronavirus pandemic and its results.

Liberty Bank Announces New Bank Product Together with Partner Companies

With the initiative of Liberty Bank, for the first time in Georgia new product is created in Georgian bank reality.