Casino Opens at Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace

Casino will be opened at Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace. A construction permit is already issued.

New Ice Cream Shop Opens with Unique Burgers in Tbilisi

A new ice cream shop has opened on Barnovi Street in Tbilisi.

Furniture Enterprise to Open in Natakhtari by Turkish Investments of $2 Million

Turkish furniture manufacturing company Assia plans to launch a furniture enterprise in Natakhtari and invest $2 million in business development.

Japanese Company Marumiya Starts Producing Georgian Dish Shkmeruli

Another Japanese company Marumiya has started the production of a Georgian dish, Shkmeruli. 

Coffeesta Opens its Branch at Kutaisi International Airport

Coffee shop chain in Georgia, Coffeesta opened its branch in the Kutaisi International Airport. 

UMALI to Launch Production of Fish Chips and Paste

UMALI fish products manufacturing company plans to launch production of fish chips in August and fish paste in September 2021.

Co-Creation Space Komli- Think, Observe, Research, and Create

Creative Development Center has been working with the concepts of different creative spaces since 2016. This also became an inspiration for the founders to move forward and put all their ideas together under the concept of Komli.

Restaurant Gandagana Opens Tomorrow in Sololaki

Restaurant "Gandagana" with a new concept opens in one of the historical districts of Tbilisi, Sololaki, tomorrow. 

Ruispiri Biodynamic Farm Starts Producing Traditional Georgian Beer

"Ruispiri Biodynamic Farm" starts producing beer. The product will be available to customers in the near future.