3,430 Tons of Hazelnuts to be Exported from Georgia According to Latest Data

According to the data of September 17th, 3,430 tons of hazelnuts are exported from Georgia, which is increased by 58% compared to last year.

Glenberry Plans to Arrange Greenhouse on 300 Hectares of Territory

Frozen fruit and vegetable processing and storage enterprise Glenberry plans to arrange a greenhouse on 300 hectares of territory. The total price of the investment will be 200 million GEL.

Three Georgian Cafes to Receive Financial Assistance from 50 Best for Recovery

Three Georgian cafes will receive financial assistance within the frameworks of 50 Best for Recovery. 

New Vegan Cafe SEED Opened in Tbilisi

With the support of TBC program "Startup", a new vegan cafe - SEED was recently opened at 24 G. Tabidze Street in Tbilisi, which is a unique place for lovers of healthy and delicious food.

Gastronaut to Create a Concept of Modern Store

Gastronaut came up with an idea to create a completely new concept of the restaurant, which is now located on the territory of MOXY.

Facebook Announces the Launch of the Third-Party Fact-Checking Program in Georgia

As part of Facebook’s fight against misinformation, we partner with independent, third-party fact-checkers around the world, who review and rate the accuracy of the content.

Georgian Tourism Industry Alliance Calls for Resumption of Flights to Green Zone Countries

Georgian Tourism Industry Alliance requires the resumption of flights with Green Zone countries and additionally, the Alliance calls for lifting quarantine restrictions for Georgian citizens.

Zarapxana Plans to Make Low-Budget Production

Georgian jewelry producing company Zarapxana plans to manufacture low-budget production.

Bicycle Lanes to Arrange in Mountainous Adjara

Bicycle lanes will be arranged in Mountainous Adjara. Shuakhevi and Keda will be connected by a 6 Km trail.