Schuchmann Group Plans to Open a Tourist Complex in Western Georgia

Schuchmann Group plans to open a tourist complex in Western Georgia. 

Veliani Cheese - Company Producing Georgian Dairy Products Since 2014

Veliani Cheese was founded in 2014. The company benefited from preferential agro credit and initially started functioning.

Gemuani's Production to Sell on Amazon

The dried fruit producer Gemuani located in Samegrelo will sell its products through Amazon in about three months.

Georgian Blueberries to Export to Germany and Netherlands

Blueberry manufacturer EFCO will export the production to the EU for the first time.

Emocia Wines Adds New Line of Jewelry - Wine Diamonds

Emocia Wines added premium line - Wine Diamond several weeks ago.

Kula Plans to Invest 1 Million GEL by the End of 2021

Cannery Kula plans to invest 1 million GEL until the end of 2021.

Time Travel in Tbilisi Bazari - Fusion of Modern and Revived Traditions

Bazari created its modern version, Tasteful fusion of old and new - where you can visit at any time, travel to old Tbilisi and enjoy culinary happiness. - The First Georgian Online Art Auction

Today, we can purchase the work of art we want from anywhere in the world. It does not matter the medium, the artist, the country - online art auctions allow us to do that.

Taso Design Expands its Studio

The company offers its customers handmade furniture and home decor with an original design.