GPI Holding Retains Leadership in Georgia's Insurance Market

GPI Holding has maintained its position as the leader in Georgia's insurance market for the sixth year in a row, according to the latest report by the Insurance Supervision Service of Georgia.

Creating a Vibrant and Diverse Community: An Interview with Candy Treft, Founder of Lokal Tbilisi

Co-working spaces have become a popular alternative to traditional office spaces, providing flexibility, convenience, and a collaborative environment for professionals.

Boosting Productivity in a Coworking Space: Tips and Tricks from Lokal Tbilisi

As remote work gains popularity, coworking spaces like Lokal Tbilisi have become a popular solution for professionals seeking a comfortable workspace that promotes productivity.

Georgia's Biochimpharm to Reintroduce Bacteriophage Products Following Infrastructural Upgrade

Biochimpharm, a phage production company based in Georgia, is set to re-enter the local market in the coming weeks following a major upgrade of its infrastructure.

Dressup Group Takes Over Exclusive Representation of Calvin Klein in Georgia

Dressup Group has secured the exclusive right to represent the iconic Calvin Klein brand in Georgia after successfully completing negotiations with JSC Probus Capital, the company that owns Calvin Klein Georgia.

Georgian Capital Flourishes in Kazakhstan: 248 Legal Entities and Counting

Georgia and Kazakhstan have been steadily increasing their economic ties in recent years, with 248 legal entities, branches, and representative offices operating in Kazakhstan with Georgian capital.'s Data-Driven Approach to E-Commerce Success: Interview with Giorgi Berechikidze

In this interview, we speak with Giorgi Berechikidze, Chief Digital Marketing Manager at, a leading e-commerce platform in Georgia, to learn more about their approach to selling online.

Improving the Job Market in Georgia: Insights from Nini Zekalashvili

In this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nini Zekalashvili, the CCO of Georgian Awork, and founder of the Facebook group, Freelancer.

Navigating Social Media Marketing: Insights from Ani Gvatua, Head of Marketing at Adjara Group

Ani Gvatua Head of Marketing at Adjara Group, shared her insights on social media marketing trends and the impact of influencer marketing on the hospitality industry.