TBC CEO Advocates for Refinancing Rate Reduction in Georgia

Vakhtang Butskhrikidze, the Director General of TBC Bank, recently spoke about the importance of reducing the refinancing rate in the country.

Credo Bank Approaches ₾2 Billion in Portfolio: A Look at Georgia's Lending Landscape

Credo Bank, one of Georgia's leading financial institutions, is inching closer to a significant milestone with its lending portfolio approaching ₾2 billion.

Georgian Capital Reduces Stake in Bank of Georgia Group: Implications for Investors

Georgian Capital, the largest shareholder of Bank of Georgia Holding, has recently reduced its stake in the bank.

Rico Express Successfully Places ₾100 Million in Bonds with TBC Capital's Support in First Market Entry

Microfinance organization Rico Express has successfully issued and placed 3-year bonds in the amount of 130 million GEL, with the support of TBC Capital.

Bank of Georgia Acquires "Elmavalmshenebeli" Factory for 19.5 Million GEL After Repeat Auction

The "Elmavalmshenebeli" factory, located on Guramishvili Avenue in Tbilisi, has been purchased by the Bank of Georgia for 19.5 million GEL after a repeat auction.

TBC Capital Weekly Update from Chief Economist: Strong FX Inflows, but No GEL Strengthening Scenario

In January, NBG purchased a net amount of US dollars in the foreign exchange market, reaching a high figure of 155 million which exceeds the previous monthly interventions of about 100 million.

TBC Conducts Professional Master Class for "Charte" Project Beneficiaries

As part of their partnership, TBC and Charte organized a master class on March 1 at the TBC concept's multifunctional space for beneficiaries of the TBC project, in order to share necessary knowledge and experience.

Opportunities and Challenges in the Agricultural Sector: Business Meeting Supported by Bank of Georgia

The Bank of Georgia is actively involved in the development and strengthening of the agricultural sector.

"Land Fragmentation and Low Productivity: Main Challenges for Agriculture in Georgia"

According to a review by GALT&TAGGART, land fragmentation and low productivity continue to pose major challenges for the agricultural sector in Georgia.