Nikoloz Gagua Steps Down from the Board of the National Bank of Georgia

Nikoloz Gagua has announced his resignation from the Board of the National Bank of Georgia in an exclusive statement to Georgia's First Channel.

Basisbank Reaffirms Commitment to Full Compliance with Georgian Legislation and International Partners' Requirements

Basisbank has issued a statement emphasizing its long-standing commitment to fully complying with both Georgian legislation and the prerequisites set by its numerous international financial partners. T

Liberty Bank Affirms Full Compliance with International Sanctions Relevant to Georgia's Financial Sector

JSC Liberty Bank has issued a statement affirming its full compliance with international sanctions, specifically those levied by countries and allies integral to Georgia's financial sector.

Papuna Lezhava Steps Down from National Bank of Georgia's Board

Natia Turnava, the Acting President of the National Bank of Georgia, has confirmed the resignation of board member Papuna Lezhava.

Archil Mestvirishvili Resigns from the National Bank of Georgia

Archil Mestvirishvili has announced his resignation from the National Bank of Georgia, taking to social media to make the official statement.

TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia Pledge to Uphold International Sanction

TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia have announced their intention to adhere to international sanctions, despite contrasting guidance from the National Bank of Georgia.

US$ 20 million EBRD Loan to TBC Bank for Women-led Enterprises

With support from the European Union (EU) and Sweden, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is unlocking fresh funds via TBC Bank for Georgian micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) led by women.

First Microbank Expected to Launch in Georgia's Financial Sector by Year's End

In a promising development for the Georgian financial landscape, the Chairman of the Microfinance Association has announced that the country's first microbank is expected to emerge by the end of the year.

Silk Bank Reports Robust Financial Performance for August 2023

In August 2023, Silk Bank experienced significant growth, expanding its credit portfolio by 27% month-over-month to reach 22.2 million GEL.