Posted: 1 month ago

Bank of Georgia to Host B2B Agro-Forum this October

The Bank of Georgia is poised to host a B2B agro-forum on October 31. This initiative, a collaboration with the USAID Farmers' Program and the EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy, aims to augment the agro-sector and champion Georgian agro-production.

Central to the B2B Agroforum's mission is to enhance the export capabilities of Georgian entrepreneurs, particularly those immersed in the cultivation of fruits, walnuts, laurels, and wine production. Esteemed consultancies such as EuroMonitor, EDA, Eximcrop, and Globalize, alongside various pivotal players in the agro-export chain, are slated to grace the forum.

The confluence will not only offer entrepreneurs an exclusive platform to imbibe the latest trends but also catalyze invaluable business relationships.

Enriching the forum's agenda will be:

  • Insightful presentations from industry leaders
  • Engaging panel discussions dissecting contemporary challenges
  • Informational meetings intended to broaden attendees' horizons.

Highlighting the significance of the event, Zurab Masurashvili, who heads the Small and Medium Business Department at the Bank of Georgia, remarked, "Supporting agricultural ventures and regional businesses stands as one of our cardinal directives. This forum is envisioned as a beacon to amplify exports for our entrepreneurs, furnishing them with a myriad of opportunities. Our suite of tailored banking products is a testament to our commitment to the agrarian sector. We remain steadfast in our belief that such strategic endeavors will underpin regional economic fortitude, paving the way for a more resilient nation."

The B2B Agroforum dovetails with the ethos of the USAID Farmers Program. This five-year blueprint is predicated on galvanizing agricultural sectors that showcase tangible prospects of job creation and augmenting the revenue streams of MSMEs, all through the integration of robust, sustainable market frameworks.

Given the forum's elite nature, participation is capped at 50 distinguished entrepreneurs.