Le Meridien Sioni Lake Resort & SPA Set to Open in 2026

Tianeti is poised to welcome its first international brand hotel complex near Lake Sion, introducing a new era of hospitality to the region.

Georgian AI Startup Talkpal Surpasses One Million Users in Its First Year Without External Funding

Talkpal, a groundbreaking AI-powered language learning platform, has made a significant mark in the educational technology landscape by attracting over one million users within its first year of operation Marketer reports.

"Chelti" Winery Expands into the Turkish Market

"Chelti" winery has successfully entered the Turkish market, with its wines now being offered in the Horeca sector, including a prestigious two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

Commercial Banks Net 1.5 Billion GEL in Profits, Despite Losses by Five Banks

The Georgian banking sector reported a substantial net profit of 1.467 billion GEL in the first six months of the year, an increase from the 1.25 billion GEL recorded during the same period in 2023

"Smart Farming Enhances Quality and Conserves Resources," States Vladislav Sribny of CLAAS

Modern technology and intelligent devices are increasingly pivotal in advancing agriculture, making it nearly impossible to meet market demands and address global challenges without them.

Average Price of Georgian Wine Rises by 40 Cents Globally, Says Davit Tkemaladze

Davit Tkemaladze, the Deputy Chairman of the National Wine Agency, announced a significant achievement in the global wine market during his appearance on the "Business Partner" program.







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