Grand Tasting of Georgian Wine Graces New York City

In a bid to broaden the horizons of wine connoisseurs and expand its market reach, Georgia, backed by the National Wine Agency,

Georgia Set to Host World Tourism Day in 2024,” declares Deputy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili

Georgia has been named the host country for World Tourism Day in 2024, a prestigious title conferred upon the nation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Fertilizing the Future: Innovations and Insights with Yara’s Commercial Director, Karolina Frackowiak

Anyone with an interest in agriculture is likely familiar with Yara, the largest producer of fertilizers globally, renowned for its innovative contributions to the field.

Silk Real Estate with the support of Galt & Taggart, TBC Capital and Silk Bank, issued USD 20 million bonds

Silk Real Estate LLC, Silk Road Group’s real estate management company and one of Georgia’s leading hospitality providers, with the support of Galt & Taggart, TBC Capital

Tsinandali Estate Hosts the Inaugural Grand Jury Du Vin Wine Symposium

Tsinandali Estate and Silk Road Group proudly announce the inaugural Tsinandali Wine Symposium on November 3-4, a collaboration with the renowned Swiss association, Grand Jury Du Vin.

Alex Kobelashvili Appointed as New GM of Radisson Blu Batumi

Radisson Blu Batumi has a new general manager. Alex Kobelashvili will move from the Tsinandli estate to the Adjara region and head Radisson Blu Batumi and residential complex "Mtsvane Kontskhi Botanico".







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