Entry Restrictions for Shiomghvime Monastery Continue to Be Enforced

The prohibition on the entry of tourists into Shiomghvime Monastery's premises remains in effect, as announced by Gocha Kavtaradze, the Deputy State Representative for the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region.

The Timeless Beauty of Kulbaki Lakes: Nature’s Hidden Gem in Lechkhumi, Georgia

Nestled within the lush, undulating landscapes of Lechkhumi, Georgia, the Kulbaki Lakes beckon the weary traveler and the adventurous soul alike.

Direct Flights Commence Between Tbilisi and Delhi

Indigo, India's largest airline, has inaugurated direct flight services between Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and Delhi, the capital of India.

Rediscovering Georgia's Forgotten Seafood Treasures

The Association of Gastronomic Tourism is spearheading an initiative to resurrect time-honored Georgian fish recipes.

Creating a Culinary Atlas: Georgia's Gastronomic Map in the Works

In a bid to amplify the unique gastronomic identity of Georgia, a culinary map highlighting regional dishes is set to be developed.

Resort Haven 'Sunset Shovi' in Racha Reopens after Two-Year Hiatus

After a two-year pause, the "Sunset Shovi" hotel has reopened its doors in the idyllic region of Racha.

Global Exposure for Georgia: Unveiling of the International Hiking Festival

The economic security program supported by the European Union, Sweden, Austria, and USAID, in collaboration with Svaneti's destination management organization

International Hiking Festival in Mestia: A Major Boost for Sustainable Mountain Tourism in Georgia

Mestia, a charming highland town in the heart of Georgia's scenic mountainous region, will host the International Hiking Festival from July 20th to 22nd, 2023.

3D Lighting at Martvili Canyon and Okatse Waterfall Spurs Local Business Development

The recent introduction of 3D lighting at the Martvili Canyon and Okatse Waterfall has reportedly drawn approximately 10,000 nocturnal visitors since June 12.