FlyArystan Launches Regular Flights between Kutaisi and Almaty

Kazakhstan's low-cost airline FlyArystan to add a fifth destination, Almaty, from Kutaisi, with flights twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday.

Gori Culture and Recreation Park to Undergo Major Revamp with World Bank Financing

The Gori Culture and Recreation Park is set to undergo extensive rehabilitation works this year, with the project being financed by the World Bank and costing 8.95 million GEL.

Upgrades Announced for Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia

Development of the Mestia airport is a top priority for 2023, with plans for terminal rehabilitation, building a new fire depot, and replacing existing equipment.

Kartu Arranges Tourist Trails Between Turtle Lake and Vake Park

Tourist trails will be arranged between Turtle Lake and Vake Park. As the Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze stated today at the meeting of the government of the capital.

The First 5-Star Hotel Opened in Gori

Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Mariam Kvrivishvili took part in the opening of 5-star hotel "Gori Inn" in Gori.

Soaps, Mineral Cafe, 4-Star Hotel - Balneological Resort is Expanding

Tbilisi balneological resort continues to expand. One of the owners of the object is the company "Meidan Group".

Giorgi Kodua: We are Planning to Start Flights to the USA in June

"We are planning to start flights to America in June,"- According to Giorgi Kodua, the company may fly under the European flag.

Wizz Air Sees 110.2% Increase on Georgian Market

Wizz Air, Europe's fastest-growing and most environmentally sustainable airline, celebrates a record number of passengers carried in 2022.

Direct Flights Between Kutaisi and Azerbaijan Becomes Available Soon

According to the Director of the Union of Georgian Airports, direct flights will be made in the Kutaisi-Azerbaijan direction from the summer of this year.