Posted: 1 year ago

Creating a Culinary Atlas: Georgia's Gastronomic Map in the Works

In a bid to amplify the unique gastronomic identity of Georgia, a culinary map highlighting regional dishes is set to be developed. This exciting initiative was shared by Tamar Sikharulidze, Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Gastronomic Tourism Business Association, during a discussion on the "Business Partner" program.

Sikharulidze explained that Georgia's diverse culinary traditions present a significant potential for enhancing gastronomic tourism. Each region of the country is home to distinct, authentic cuisine, offering a rich tapestry of flavors and culinary experiences.

"At present, we are collaborating with the tourism administration and several other associations to conduct field visits to specific locations across the regions," Sikharulidze said. "The data gathered will then contribute to the development of a comprehensive gastronomic map. This initiative will guide both local and international gastronomes to discover the culinary treasures particular to each region."

The project is currently in the research phase, with the team analyzing international models for reference. Sikharulidze highlighted the importance of a collaborative effort between the private sector and the state for the successful execution of this project.

She optimistically projected that, given the rich culinary potential of the country, Georgia could be poised to rival established gastronomic hotspots like Italy and Spain in a few years.