Posted: 1 year ago

International Hiking Festival in Mestia: A Major Boost for Sustainable Mountain Tourism in Georgia

Mestia, a charming highland town in the heart of Georgia's scenic mountainous region, will host the International Hiking Festival from July 20th to 22nd, 2023. Organized by HIGHLANDER Adventure Georgia, the festival is a flagship event aimed at showcasing Georgia's exceptional hiking potential to the world.

On June 29th, a pre-event presentation and press conference were held in Orbet, Satibe. The event, hosted by the Svaneti destination management organization DMO Shan-Land, and carried out in cooperation with HIGHLANDER Adventure Georgia, was supported by several international organizations including the Economic Security Program of the European Union, Sweden, Austria, and USAID. It served as a platform to highlight the upcoming festival and underline the significance of sustainable mountain tourism for the Georgian economy.

During this event, the Highlander team, along with various stakeholders, joined forces to underscore that the International Trekking Festival isn't merely an event; it is a catalyst for fostering sustainable and eco-friendly adventure tourism in Georgia. The gathering also aimed to inspire the second wave of registrations for the main Highlander event, thus building momentum towards the festival.

Attendees at the pre-event presentation were given an opportunity to gain insights into the Highlander mission, attend a press conference, register for the main event, and partake in a mini hiking experience in Orbit.

HIGHLANDER Adventure Georgia has gained recognition for its sustainable ethos. As a licensed international hiking festival, it is committed to offering participants a unique and authentic experience. With trails meticulously curated by local guides, the festival emphasizes the intrinsic link between sustainability and tourism.

Guided by its philosophy of "Leave No Trace", Highlander upholds eco-friendly practices that extend from serving organic food to promoting a zero-waste approach. By incorporating local tourism and organic agriculture SMEs in project-related activities, the festival also works towards amplifying the services and products of these small and medium-sized enterprises.