Posted: 1 year ago

Global Exposure for Georgia: Unveiling of the International Hiking Festival

The economic security program supported by the European Union, Sweden, Austria, and USAID, in collaboration with Svaneti's destination management organization DMO Shan-Land and HIGHLANDER Adventure Georgia, is set to augment Georgia's hiking potential on the global stage. To further this initiative, a special event and press conference were held in Orbet, Satibe, on June 29, 2023.

At the event, representatives from the Highlander team and various stakeholders convened to reaffirm that the International Trekking Festival is scheduled in Mestia from July 20-22, 2023. They emphasized the significance of sustainable mountain tourism for Georgia, and their aim to magnify the efforts of partners towards eco-friendly adventure tourism, thereby stimulating a second wave of registrations.

The event offered attendees an insight into the vision of the Highlander team through a comprehensive presentation, followed by a press conference. Participants also had the chance to register for the main Highlander event and to join a mini hike in Orbit.

HIGHLANDER Adventure Georgia is a licensed international hiking festival renowned for its meticulously planned trails by local guides, assuring participants of a unique experience. Highlander is rooted in sustainable practices, promoting environmental stewardiness through the use of organic food, zero-waste measures, and the bolstering of local tourism and organic farming small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The involvement of these SMEs in project-related activities helps enhance their services, products, and eventually their sales.

The Highlander team elucidated, "Our mission is to advocate for a healthy lifestyle and the sustainable growth of tourism, an opportunity presented to us by HIGHLANDER. It significantly aids in augmenting Georgia's tourism potential, as we endeavor to showcase the rich diversity of our country to the global arena. Our ultimate ambition is to position Georgia, and its distinct regions, as a prominent trekking destination, highlighting its stunning natural landscapes, green environment, vibrant communities, unique traditions, superior products, and exceptional services."

HIGHLANDER enables us to advocate for hiking as a healthy lifestyle choice within the local community, as well as supporting eco-friendly, sustainability-focused events across the country. The project plays a significant role in amplifying Georgia's tourism potential. Regarding global significance, it serves to present our country's multifaceted potential to a broader audience. Highlander's objective is to elevate the status of Svaneti as an optimal hiking destination, celebrating its natural sites, verdant environment, populace, traditions, products, and services.

Project partners include the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, Mestia Municipality, Mountain Trails Agency, Destination Management Organization Shan-Land, International Foundation for Sport, Tourism and Youth, Puma, Steppen, World Class, East Point, Trail, Terminal, Marketer, and Spend 4 Seasons in Georgia.

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