Chateau Kvirike is the Winner of the International Property Award

Hotel complex "Chateau Kvirike" has won one of the most prestigious international real estate competitions "International Property Award", nominated for Best Hotel and Infrastructure.

Studies are Underway for the Construction of an Artificial Island in Batumi

"Ambassador Group" started the geological exploration of the seabed to start the construction of an artificial island in Batumi.

Representatives of International Scientific and Travel Publications Visited Georgia to Promote Eco-Tourism

In order to promote Georgian eco-tourism products, the National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is hosting representatives of travel and eco-tourism publications.

Chef Dima Basilaia Serves Free Georgian Meals to Kyiv Citizens and Soldiers

There are many Georgians in Ukraine now - some went to fight after the start of the war, some - lived there before. Georgian volunteers are on the battlefield to help refugees in hospitals and on humanitarian missions.

Chreli Abano Plans to Open a Renewed Bath of King Erekle for the New Year

In Chreli Abano, reconstruction work has resumed. During a pandemic, work on the historic King Erekle Bath began, and the first visitor is expected in the New Year.

Number of Foreign Visitors Increased by 266.3% in March

According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration, 211,484 international travelers visited Georgia in March, up 34.1 percent over the pre-pandemic figure in 2019. 

ASA Astrosysteme to Upgrade Abastumani Observatory Telescope and Dome

The Austrian ASA Astrosysteme will supply the telescope and the dome to the National Astrophysical Observatory. This company was selected as the winner of the tender.

New Rope Adventure Attraction Opens in Martvili Canyon

Martvili Canyon meets the tourist season with renewed infrastructure.

Kapnistavi in Adjara Arranges Tourist Infrastructure for Canyoning

Adjara Tourism Department plans to arrange the tourist infrastructure for canyoning in the village of Kapnistavi near Batumi.