Tourism Industry Evolution Necessitates Regulation, Says Nino Chokheli of The USAID Economic Governance Program

As the tourism industry experiences growth and evolution, regulatory measures become indispensable, stated Nino Chokheli, Deputy Head of USAID's Economic Management Program, during her recent appearance on the show "Business Partner in Rush Hour".

Georgia Makes History by Hosting the World Cup in Gudauri and Bakuriani - Announces Deputy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili

For the first time in its history, and indeed in the entire region, Georgia is set to host the World Cup.

Illuminating the Night: Martvili Canyon and Okatse Waterfall Set to Offer Evening Tours with 3D Lighting

Tourists and nature enthusiasts will soon have the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the Martvili Canyon and Okatse waterfall even after the sun sets, thanks to the introduction of advanced 3D lighting systems.

World Spa: A Global Spa Experience Soon to Debut at Tbilisi Balneological Resort

Tbilisi Balneological Resort is set to unveil the 'World Spa', a prestigious expansion that encapsulates a global range of spa services.

Indian Aviation Leader IndiGo Breaks into the Georgian Marketv

Indian Airlines IndiGo, is set to commence operations in Georgia starting this August, as announced by the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency.

Tamar Tandashvili: The New Tourism Reform Will Answer All the Challenges That Exist Today

"The current law on tourism, which has been governing the industry since 1997, is no longer equipped to handle the evolving challenges of the sector.

Reimagining Tourism Regulations: Implications and Prospects of the New Tourism Law

The tourism industry plays a vital role in our country's economic framework, given its significant contributions to the economy.

Overcoming Obsolescence: Modernizing Georgia's 1997 Tourism Law to Address Today's Challenges

Davit Songulashvili, chairman of the sectoral economy and economic policy committee, recently pointed out that the prevailing tourism law, enacted in 1997, is no longer adept at addressing present-day challenges.

Revitalizing Georgia's Tourism: A New Law for a More Sustainable Future"

The USAID has set its sights on bolstering Georgia's tourism sector with a novel law. This undertaking, according to Natalia Beruashvili, the head of USAID's economic governance program,