Posted: 7 months ago

Sveri Adventure Camp Energizes Georgia's Tourism Sector with European Support

With the support of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria, the adventure and extreme tourism sector is flourishing in the mountainous regions of Georgia. The exceptionally vibrant nature and stunning landscape offer abundant opportunities for the growth of adventure, eco, and extreme tourism destinations.

This time, the spotlight falls on the Imereti region, specifically Chiatura - Sveri village, which is bound to astonish its guests. The "Sveri Adventure Camp" presents a new and innovative approach to experiencing Imereti. Visitors can immerse themselves in thrilling adventures while enjoying unique and memorable experiences. The camp offers a variety of adventure tours, including rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, visits to historical sites, canyoning, and the chance to savour local culinary masterpieces. And, most unique of all, it boasts the "VIA FERRATA," the first extreme trail in the Caucasus region.

The concept of establishing this camp originated in 2019 when two friends, Guga Dabashvili, a professional rock climber, and Levan Gogoladze, an amateur rock climber, realised the climbing potential of the Sveri rocks. They were captivated by the region's diverse tourism prospects, owing to the abundance of captivating sites and historical monuments nearby. "The place itself has its special charm, and it has given us inspiration for our work. Visitors who come here are captivated by the camp's uniqueness, as they encounter a lot of intriguing locations to explore both within and around the area, accompanied by intense sensations. This kind of experience is quite rare in Georgia," says Levan Gogoladze, co-founder of the camp.

With the support of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria, within the framework of the GRETA project, the "Sveri Adventure Camp'' has successfully commenced its operations. Generous donations facilitated the acquisition of various essential infrastructural and technical components. Notably, installing a water heating system increased the number of visitors significantly. Moreover, the camp entrepreneurs invested in water (thermal) clothing for activities such as rafting, canyoning, and spelunking, enriching the tour offerings. A glamping structure was procured as part of the project, ensuring guests a unique and comfortable accommodation option. Safety measures were also prioritised, with the establishment of a fully equipped first aid station and a comprehensive fire safety system. These efforts emphasise the camp's commitment to ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

"From the camp to the rock climbing area, the infrastructure of the camp has been improved. The support of the European Union, Sweden and Austria allowed us to present the uniqueness of the Sver adventure camp more, to make the services more qualitative and, most importantly, to be safe," says Guga Dabalashvili, co-founder of the camp. With donors’ support, the camp has successfully embraced adventure tourism, rapidly gaining recognition and establishing itself as one of Georgia's foremost destinations in this field. The camp has cultivated an unparalleled atmosphere by developing comprehensive infrastructure, providing essential adventure tourism equipment, and offering glamping options, wooden cottages, and customisable camping spaces for various travellers. Visitors can enjoy this exceptional environment throughout the year, except for the winter season.

"The special charm of this activity lies in rock climbing and the VIA FERRATA - Extreme trail, which consists of iron steps attached to the rock. The extreme trail is the first in Georgia, offering a unique opportunity to experience thrilling sensations and emotions. I boldly state that we would not be able to offer all of this to our guests here and now if it were not for the timely and purposeful support of the donors," proudly explains Guga Dabadashvili, co-founder of the camp. Georgia's unique and remarkable natural landscapes provide an ideal setting for the flourishing of adventure tourism, positioning it as a potential powerhouse in this domain. Sveri camp, with its visionary creators, serves as a prime example of this success. With the invaluable support of donors, they have taken a significant stride towards placing Georgia prominently on the adventure tourism map.