Posted: 9 months ago

"Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho" Aims to Transform Agrotourism in Tianeti Township

"Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho," an enterprise located in the Tianeti township of Georgia, is steadily making a name for itself in the burgeoning field of agrotourism. The company offers tourists immersive masterclasses where they can learn about the rich tradition of making Dambalkhacho, a unique local dish, and even have a taste.

Eka Dojurishvili, the enterprise's founder, outlines their ambition: "As beneficiaries of Elkana, a notable agency supporting agrotourism facilities, we've set up a dedicated showroom within our premises. In partnership with tourism agencies, we host groups of 5-7 individuals who not only participate in our masterclasses but also delve into the region's gastronomy. Agrotourism is garnering global attention as it offers insights into the identity, ethnocultural heritage, and customs of a nation. The sector remains underexplored in Tianeti, and we see a significant opportunity to attract a wider tourist audience, thereby contributing to both regional promotion and economic uplift."

With eyes set on expansion, "Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho" is currently awaiting financial support from Georgian institutions to amplify their tourist offerings and elevate their infrastructure. "We've traversed all preliminary phases and are keenly awaiting the decision on the contractual agreement. Our aspirations are high, given the need to expand our footprint in the agrotourism sector," states Dojurishvili.

In addition to their core offerings, "Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho" has the distinct honor of being among the first 30 enterprises featured on Georgia's forthcoming "Cheese Road" project. Similar in concept to the existing "Wine Road," this initiative aims to spotlight the nation's diverse cheese offerings.

"This is an extremely heartening development for us, as it not only elevates our visibility but also enhances our appeal to potential tourists," Dojurishvili told Agropartner.

With these innovative steps, "Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho" is strategically positioning itself to be a game-changer in Georgian agrotourism, offering an authentic, cultural experience that promises to put Tianeti on the tourist map.