Posted: 1 year ago

Final Touches Put to 'Gemo Fest,' Imereti's Grand Gastronomy Showcase

In Imereti, preparations are being finalized for the much-anticipated "Gemo Fest," a grand showcase of local gastronomy. Organized by the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, the festival is set to take place on June 17-18 in Kutaisi, marking the event's third year.

The festival participants, handpicked by the National Tourism Administration in conjunction with seasoned chefs, comprise 17 culinary talents from various regions including Kutaisi, Van, Tskaltubo, Terjola, Zestafon, Fersvi, Argveta, and Sazano. In the selection process, Imereti's Destination Management Organization (DMO) played a crucial role.

Ahead of "Gemo Fest," the chefs underwent comprehensive training to elevate their culinary skills and understanding. Nutsa Ciskarishvili, a participant, shares her excitement: "For us, 'Gemo Fest' represents a new beginning, an opportunity to innovate and experiment with new flavors in collaboration with experienced chefs. We eagerly anticipate presenting a new dish at the festival and hope it will enthrall our guests."

The festival will offer attendees the opportunity to indulge in both traditional and lesser-known Imereti dishes, meticulously prepared by the participating chefs. Gizo Bandzeladze, another festival participant, invites all food enthusiasts to the event, stating, "Gemo Fest allows us to exhibit our culinary skills and offerings. If you are intrigued by the diversity of Imereti and Kutaisi's cuisine, join us for two days of gastronomic adventure."

"Gemo Fest" will be held at Veriko Anjaparidze Square in Kutaisi. This culinary extravaganza is not just about food; it will also feature a food zone, a grill area, an entrepreneurial and wine market, relaxation and photo areas, and a plethora of activities for children. The festival's mission is to promote regional cuisine, support local entrepreneurs and families, and boost both domestic and international tourism. The Imereti Destination Management Organization and Kutaisi International Airport are proud partners of the event.