Educational Platform Brainer to Enter Georgian Market Soon

Brainer is a newly-founded startup, which will be launched on the market in the near future.

Neuro-Emotional Passion of Quantum Mind - The Desire Therapy

The Desire Therapy was created in 2018. CBW had an interview with its founder, Maia Tskitishvili.

Co-founder of The Crossroad: Georgia has Great Potential, Startups Stand Out for Their Innovation

"Georgia has great potential. Local startups stand out for their innovation, ”Svetal Kumar, co-founder of THE Crossroad, a new platform for startups and investors in Georgia, told Forbes Georgia.

UpWay- Organized Marketplace for Finding and Purchasing Courses in Georgia

Course creators in Georgia will have it easier than ever to reach their potential customers by posting their programmes on Upway platform.

Hundreds of Startups and Investors from Around the World Visit Tbilisi in September

Hundreds of startups, investors and heads of international companies from around the world will visit Tbilisi on September 1-3.

Peikari- Startup that Creates Original Accessories with Fabric Produced in the Soviet Time

"Peikari" is the only brand in Georgia that uses fabrics made during the Soviet period to create accessories.

Popular FB Group Home Cooking Adventures Plans to Create Web Platform

It's time for a new adventure and to create a web platform that will help its users turn their hobby into a business. Nino Chkhikvishvili gave us more details about their new project that is a participant of Impact Hub's Pre-accelerator program.

Wowchy - First Online Gift Shop in Georgia

Wowchy is a newly founded startup that offers customers gift cards of well-known brands for special days: birthday, New Year, March 8th, Valentine's Day, and many more.

SPINCAR: Looking Forward to Using PULSAR AI Technology Innovations

SpinCar, the global leader in digital automation trading software and data, announced today the acquisition of Georgian startup Pulsar AI.