Posted: 3 years ago

Handmade Decorative Mirrors by Anna's Handmade

Anna's handmade is a newly-created startup, which initially made Christmas accessories, but currently, it also offers its customers handmade decorative mirrors. CBW had an interview with its founder, Ana Khubua.

"I'm still a student. I started working and living independently at 18. In this period, I always wanted to have my own business and as soon as became financially capable of it, I started to have one. It was on New Year's Eve when I studied the process of making Christmas accessories in detail through the internet and started to create all this with my own interpretation. My goal was not to leave anyone indifferent and I was able to do it."

She did not have experience or knowledge in this field. As she says, she just had a great desire and diligence which she implemented without much thought.

"With this challenge, I proved to myself that the main thing is diligence and it is impossible not to achieve the desired goal."

As for the customer's response, she says, many strangers expressed boundless positive emotions, gratitude, love, and support. 

"At first, I did not apply for any paid ads. I can confidently say that my ads were my satisfied and happy customers."

The old collection involved Christmas decorations, however, the new one includes handmade decorative mirrors, which have also earned great interest and approval.

According to Ana Khubua, the main challenge is the current competition in the market.

"I daily come across similar startups on the market making handmade products. The competition grows day by day. However, I think, that overcoming this challenge is possible by keeping its own personality, individualism, quality for products, and having positive communication with customers. 

"In the period of the pandemic, everything moved to online platforms. People started online trading, which promoted startups to fully represent themselves in digital communications and sales. However, it had its negative side too. I had a hard time finding the raw materials and different necessary items on the market since not everyone was able to adapt to the online platform."

As for the working process, according to Anna, every item is prepared with care.

"I try to make everything perfect, which needs a lot of time. However, this process gives me pleasure. 

Consumers often say to me that the item seems to be made with the heart and this is indeed the case. I am holding negotiations, trying to place my handmade mirrors in various construction stores.

In the future, I wish to open my own showroom, where I'll be able to present my handmade items. I want my customers to be able to see my collection."