Posted: 3 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

''I wanted to Prove You Can Start Business at Any Age and Started Creating Georgian Supras''

Nineli Shavliashvili is a 63 years old entrepreneur and she has proved it’s never too late to start your own business. 

She lived in emigration for 8 years, working in an artist family. Once, before the landlord returned home, Nineli sewed and repaired all the damaged fabric she found at home. She put her old damaged supra on the table which she restored with modern elements. It took the landlord by surprise and encouraged her to keep creating beautiful things. 

Nineli worked with this lady for many years and finally returned to her homeland. Coming back, she no longer had a job, found it hard to start over and retired. 

‘’I started to think about how to occupy myself, my desire was to create an item that would present a national character and beauty at the same time.  I remembered my lady's words and it gave me the strength to start it all,’’-told Nineli CBW. 

Nineli uses canvas and tapestry fabric to create her works. She processes the fabric by hand as needed and gives the final look with a sewing machine.

‘’The main challenge of starting a business was to prove to myself that if we want to, we can realize ourselves and start business at any age. It was my goal to create an aesthetic with a national-modern motive,’’-said Nineli Shavliashvili.  

Nineli doesn’t have a team yet, as for the future, she wants to create a variety of tablecloths, called supra at affordable rates.