Nina Gomarteli

All About Touch Digital Summit - Where Creative People Around the World Meet and Build Together

Touch Digital Summit has grown into a large scale international tech event, based in Georgia. The event series are promoting building an international community with the focus on digital and innovations development in the country.

yoUr App Scrollex - Innovative Address Book and Networking Tool Introduced  

As networking is crucial in doing business in many situations, it was time to introduce all-in-one application to the Georgian market.

What’s the Future of Blockchain Technology in Georgia? 

Interview with 34r7h, software developer and the host of Crypto Meetups.

Euronews CEO Michael Peters: We Will Bring Europe to Georgia as Well as Take Georgia to Europe

Euronews, in partnership with Silknet, founded its third franchise - Euronews Georgia, set to be launched by July 2020. CBW had an interview with Euronews CEO, Michael Peters.

Anna Zaalishvili: Technical Acquisitions Need to Be Targeted at the Future 

Interview with Anna Zaalishvili, Co-founder and Director of Azon

Maka Batiashvili: I Try to Show not Just a Particular Figure I am Drawing, but My Attitude Towards that Figure

Maka Batiashili is a Georgian artist who works in painting, book illustration, and video art. Her inspiration comes from the moments of mundane reality that frequently turn into important visual images.

Innovations made in Georgia: Highlights from Georgian Startup Scene 2019

We want to look back at 2019, which was a productive and successful year for the Georgian startup scene

Traveler Youtube Vloggers Share their Experience in Georgia

Travel vlogs become popular day by day. It’s always interesting to take a look of people’s experiences before heading to a new country, as it’s more lively, real and interesting.

Where to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Tbilisi

Prepare yourself for the biggest parties Tbilisi has to offer. Every street, square, bar, and club is filled with locals and travelers alike.