Nina Gomarteli

 MEDU- Medical Education Platform that Promotes Communication among Professionals

 ‘’Medicine is one of the fastest-growing and developing fields and it’s extremely important for me as a doctor to have the opportunity to receive information and share experience with colleagues quickly.''

Edison Tech Solutions Building Products Used by Millions of People

‘’That’s how we started Edison, the first of its kind in Georgia, where we were offering a full spectrum to our customers, starting from Idea consultation, Product design, PCB design, Software development, and Launch.''

Wrapstocks- Blockchain-Based Startup that Transfers Company Stocks

George Avsajanishvili, the CEO of Wrapstocks, was inspired to create the startup in 2019 when he was attending a conference about Ethereum in Osaka, Japan.

Workin's Platform Improving Efficiency of Recruitement Process

Workin created an innovative platform for both job seekers and companies to help them get past traditional methods and make the recruitment process more effective.

Lawformer- Transforming Way Lawyers Approach their Work and Digitizing Processes

As most business processes become paperless, Lawformer created a legal tech platform that fully digitalizes contract drafting and legal research process. 

Wempler- Platform that Introduces Gig Economy and Service Sharing Culture to Georgia

Wempler has created a platform that introduces the gig economy to Georgia, allowing people to discover new sources of income. 

Ambry on Developing Universal AI Securing Crypto World

Ambry Solutions has created a platform for financial sectors, crypto platforms, and any individual who wants to safely navigate in the crypto space.

PHARAO - Team that Creates Digital Library of Human 3D Scans

Pharao's group of graphic and 3D designers create real human hyperrealistic 3D scans and store them in a digital library by using innovative laser scanning technology.

Enter Meri's World of Miniatures: Familiar Characters and Detailed Scenes

Meri Chichiashvili Sikmashvili discovered a miniature world during going through hard times. She found it therapeutic building tiny houses and that's how she started My Tiny World.