Nina Gomarteli

Trying Out Van Life with Handcrafted Geo Campers

‘’It took a total of two years to assemble the caravan. Some obstacles and frustrations eventually gave me the strength and motivation to reach the goal.''

Learn Words from Georgian Holiday Vocabulary

Georgia celebrates two Christmases and two New Year's Eves, making the holiday season fairly lengthy. If you're spending the holidays in Georgia, you might want to learn some of the most commonly used words over the season.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Tbilisi

The streets are full of Christmas decorations and tunes this year. The festive mood has come again to Tbilisi and so have several Christmas events.

Village Vines Doubled Wine Exports and Made Long-Term Partners in the US: Year in Review

We had a conversation with Ninutsa Mirotadze, Co-founder of Village Vines to review previous year.

Sambrela Taking Gaming to a Higher Level: Year in Review

Sambrela is a fast-growing game development and entertaining company founded in 2019. As we learned, the company had an eventful year, so we talked to the representative to wrap up the year.

Szabó: We Design Clothes with Soul and Character

Szabó is a concept brand - creating distinguished looks for everyday use with a little bit of touch to underline wearers character and individualism.

Georgian Travel Guide on Domestic Tourism and Supporting Local Businesses

Since pandemic affected tourism the most, we had a conversation with Georgian Travel Guide co-founders to see how was their year and how people adjusted to the new reality.

Year in Review with Impact Hub’s Co-Founder: Record Numbers and Innovative Startups

 It’s been five years since Impact Hub Tbilisi hosts events that significantly increase the interest in entrepreneurship.

Year in Review with Football Manager Game- Eleven Kings

Orkhan Rzayev, the Founder of Eleven Kings, an online football manager game based in Azerbaijan, shared about the company's year with CBW: