Nina Gomarteli

How Local Family Built Unforgettable Farmstay Experience Near Vardzia

From the moment we arrived at Tirebi Farmhouse located near Vardzia, the pace of life changed drastically. There is always something to do and experience, and there is a family who created such opportunities for their visitors.

Anna Glow Makes Jewelry That Comes from a Legend

Ana Sturua-Melikishvili has been making jewelry since 2016. Anna Glow is her second jewelry brand she founded after Dots & Dashes that produces Morse encrypted bracelets.

Tako Lekiashvili Takes Us Through Business Process Management

An organization can be viewed as a collection of processes, although GPI business process manager, Tako Lekiashvili draws interesting parallel between work and everyday life.

Soul Kitchen by Mukao - Coloring Book that’s Fun for Adults and Kids

Mukao combines the technical knowledge and art of corrugated cardboard. The brand creates environmentally-friendly products and a place for creativity.

Eco Handmade: Brand that Introduced Handmade Scrapbooks in Georgia

Eco Handmade is a traditional handicraft workshop where innovative vision and individual work techniques are introduced.

Gittly's Hearfelt Gifts- Hand Carved Wood Figures of Your Loved Ones

Gittly is a Georgian small business that carves figures of your loved ones. Lasha Areshidze tells CBW about their goals.

Day Trip Ideas from Tbilisi for Nature Lovers 

Often, one, even half a day out of town is enough to replenish energy and have a good time in nature. We offer several destinations that are quite close to the city and easy to get to. 

Ni.Koli Founder on Designing Handmade Body Accessories

Ni.KoLi is an online store of diverse handmade accessories. Started by Nini Nikolashvili, the brand offers both edgy and sophisticated items, including body accessories. Nini told CBW a story how she decided to start her own business.

Georgian Movies to Watch Set in the Former Soviet Union

Georgian cinema - a big part of Georgian culture originates in the early twentieth century and spans more than 100 years of existence.