Posted: 1 year ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

QuickShipper: International Expansion is Our Main Goal for This Year

QuickShipper is a fleet management software designed to help businesses optimize their delivery costs. The software offers an all-in-one solution to managing both internal and external fleets. In CBW's recent interview with QuickShipper, the company's co-founder & CEO, Mariam Akhvlediani, shared insights on the features of the software, plans for future development, and the customer journey.

"QuickShipper is a SaaS platform that provides businesses with a dashboard and courier apps, which allows businesses to be informed about their couriers at all times," said the Mariam Akhvlediani. "Our software entails features such as route planning, automated dispatching, order batching, payroll calculation systems, transparent and branded communications, and thorough business analytics."

For businesses without their own fleet, QuickShipper provides a pool of external delivery companies, such as Wolt, Glovo, and others. The goal is to provide all types of delivery services that a company may possibly need in one platform. These include express delivery in the cities, same and next day deliveries, intercity deliveries, and international deliveries.

To start operating through QuickShipper, customers need to go through an easy digital registration process on the company's website. After the registration, the account is activated, and access is granted to all the features and external courier providers for the businesses to enjoy the platform to the fullest.

QuickShipper has participated in GITA's matching grants program, Startup Academy by Genesis & Meta, and 500Georgia. The company is now solely focusing on product development and plans to open its investment round in several months.

"Our product roadmap is set up throughout this year, and our plans include both product feature development and international expansion," said the CEO of Quickshipper. "We are currently operating in Georgia, but our customers can be companies from any destination – as long as they have their sales channels and couriers, they can just register with us and provide their couriers with the courier apps. International expansion is our main goal for this year."

QuickShipper offers a one-stop-shop solution for businesses looking to optimize their delivery processes. To partner with QuickShipper and access all its features, businesses can register on the company's website.