Nina Gomarteli

Macrame Artist on the Art of Knotting and Launching MISS KNOT 

‘’I get inspired, I visualize and I can’t even sleep until I turn my ideas into tangible, completed pieces,’’-says the founder of Miss Knot. Nini Kalmakhelidze uses popular macrame techniques to create boho decor and accessories. 

Accessories Brand Muana: Necklaces Inspired by Individual Stories

Ana Kurtanidze and Mariam Ghoghadze, cousins, launched the accessories brand ''Muana'' together. Ana once made a necklace, showed it to Mariam, and this one item became the reason for starting the business. 

Endless Possibilities of Glass - Keti Mekerishvili on Glass Processing Techniques

''I believe the most important thing is to figure out what you enjoy doing the most, when you are in tune with yourself, and what brings you joy. ''

Azerbaijani Startup Eleven Kings Signs Long-term Agreement with Ronaldinho, Legendary Football Player

Eleven Kings, an online football game startup, just signed an official agreement with Ronaldinho, the legendary "Barcelona FC" player.

 Ethno Village Sisatura- Window into Traditional Samegrelo 

A trip to an ethno village is a great way to escape the bustle of the capital and encounter the region’s past and preserved traditions.

Disney Figurines Collector from Georgia Listed in Guinness Book of World Records

Nick Gelagutashvili has one of the greatest Disney toy collections in Georgia, with over 5000 items. He is currently ranked second in the Guinness World Records, we spoke with him about his plans to expand his collection and break the record.

All About Animotermi- First Psychology and Education Podcast in Georgia

Animotermi is a platform that brings together people interested in psychology and education. Their team is the first in Georgia to use podcasts to cover issues relating to these two fields.

Where to go Glamping in Georgia - Comfort in Harmony with Nature

Glamping is all about making your camping experience comfortable and luxurious, allowing you to stay close to nature while still being fully equipped.

Design Items with Personality and 2000 Copyrighted Ornaments by Saini

Saini Studio uses geometry, rotation technique, and, most importantly, a unique artistic approach to create ornaments of each Georgian letter.