Nina Gomarteli

Ecoland Founder on Operating Eco-Friendly Tours Throughout Georgia

Ecoland operates spectacular and adventurous tours in Georgia. Nato Otarashvili, Director of the company tells CBW about values they share through their activities.

Daisyhandmade: We Focus on Quality to Stand Out in Handmade Brands

Daisyhandmade is a brand of knitted accessories founded by Maka Khizanishvili. Knitting was her hobby and she decided to turn it into a business. 

I'm 13- Signs on Buildings that Add Vibrancy to the City and Other Decors

13 is her lucky number, so it was easy for her to find the name for the brand. Sako Kochlamazashvili is a graphic designer who creates indoor and outdoor decors.

Traveling in the World of The Knight in The Panther's Skin Through Georgian Board Game

''To comprehend the narrative, the reader must identify with one of the characters or the entire story. In this aspect, board games have a lot of potential.''

Unique Works of Mr.George Jewellery- Decorating Silver with Natural Stones

It was easy to come up with the name for the brand since George Tsiklauri is a jewelry designer and it says it all. We asked George how he learned working with silver and what techniques does he use: 

Zero-Waste Lifestyle with CatchUp BOX: Innovative App and Everyday Eco-Friendly Items

''After working on the Sustainable Development Goals for several years, I have shown great interest in how critical environmental problems in Georgia can be addressed in a simple and innovative way.''

Introducing Georgian Cuisine to the US: An Interview with Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor Dona Giorgadze

For Georgian chef Dona Giorgadze, cooking was a hobby before finding a job in the US. It all began gradually, posting her dishes on cooking websites, creating recipes, working as a barista and baking Khachapuri for a local bakery.

Our Favorite Pictures of Wild Animals Captured at Georgian National Parks

Camera traps installed at Georgian National Parks give us a look into the secret life of wildlife. We wanted to share some of our favorite moments captured by the Agency of Protected Areas. 

Healthy Food Spots: What to Try at Tbilisi Vegan Cafes 

Vegan restaurants might be what you're looking for, whether you're vegan or not, as they usually serve nutritious meals in a pleasant atmosphere.