Posted: 4 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Cities Recreated in Miniature and 4th District Stories

''I've been interested in making models and dioramas for about 20 years. Despite my radically different professions, I've always loved architecture and have experimented with various decorative materials since I was a child,''said Paata Datunasvili. 

Paata Datunashvili is a journalist and actor, and now he has an online store "Modelissimo" where interested people can order a desired work. 

''The technique of making a model or diorama is different each time, depending on its complexity. The materials are accordingly varied. I primarily use PVC, XPS, acrylic paints, decorative building materials, plaster, and so on,''says Paata.

The streets of Tbilisi in the 1970s and 1980s are one of his most well-known pieces. He designed it out of childhood nostalgia and sympathy for the architecture of the time period. We asked him about his favorite work:

''It's tough to tell, but the model of "4th District Stories" attracted the most attention on social media and elsewhere. This is a city model that we've revived as a mini-series. You can see it on the "4th District Stories" page,''he said.

He is currently working on several different projects, one of which is quite large. Current projects are both Georgian architectural and European.