Nina Gomarteli

Wempler- Platform that Introduces Gig Economy and Service Sharing Culture to Georgia

Wempler has created a platform that introduces the gig economy to Georgia, allowing people to discover new sources of income. 

Ambry on Developing Universal AI Securing Crypto World

Ambry Solutions has created a platform for financial sectors, crypto platforms, and any individual who wants to safely navigate in the crypto space.

PHARAO - Team that Creates Digital Library of Human 3D Scans

Pharao's group of graphic and 3D designers create real human hyperrealistic 3D scans and store them in a digital library by using innovative laser scanning technology.

Enter Meri's World of Miniatures: Familiar Characters and Detailed Scenes

Meri Chichiashvili Sikmashvili discovered a miniature world during going through hard times. She found it therapeutic building tiny houses and that's how she started My Tiny World. 

Top Startups from Ukraine - Europe's One of the Fastest Growing Hubs

Ukraine had a thriving startup ecosystem and some of the world's fastest-growing IT hubs before Russia invaded in February 2022.

Beka Beridze: Georgian Alphabet Allows Calligrapher to Express Himself

Beka Beridze is a graphic designer who got into calligraphy and likes to convey messages using letter compositions. Often his works go beyond the literal meaning of a phrase.

Kroudi Launched in Georgia: Consumers Movement and New Ways to Shop

Kroudi is a Georgian startup founded by two Germans living in Georgia for years. The company has been awarded the GITA startup grant in September 2021. The mobile app "Kroudi" is now available for iOS and Android.

Ganage Democratizing Insurance Sector Through Digitalization

CBW had an interview with Tornike Akhobadze, Co-Founder and Marketing Director to learn more about how they created a unified platform to reach their goals. Renews Its Tourist Portal and Adds New Features is Georgia's first tourist portal, having launched in 2012. The company decided to update their website and functions this year.