Posted: 2 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Workin's Platform Improving Efficiency of Recruitement Process

Workin created an innovative platform for both job seekers and companies to help them get past traditional methods and make the recruitment process more effective. Founded by Giorgi Tediashvili and Natia Khmaladze, the platform already has 10000 unique visitors. We wanted to learn more about the concept behind the startup:

''In today's Georgian and European markets companies and job seekers are unable to manage and obtain services efficiently due to inflexible and outdated experiences. Companies lack a unified solution for job management and recruitment. It’s hard for job seekers to find all the necessary information about the position and the company, and be informed during the recruitment process,'' said the co-founder of Workin. 

Workin is currently participating in the Impact hub pre-accelerator. As founders noted, it gives them an opportunity to work with experts, refine their idea and product, improve various directions in product development, and finally introduce Workin to investors to gain funding and the necessary contacts or partners.

In parallel with the accelerator, Workin participates in the GITA competition, after which they plan an active marketing campaign and new phases of product development. With the refinement of the product, the startup plans to go beyond Georgia and enter the markets of other European countries.

We asked them about the services they are introducing on Working’s platform: 

''There are small and medium-sized companies in Georgia and the European market, as well as independent employers who do not have the opportunity to use the expensive products from the current market to solve the problem, these products are often not very flexible. They also do not have the opportunity to get the combined services that are needed in this area (such as announcing a vacancy independently, managing applications and companies, etc). That is why we decided to create WorkIn.Ge, a unified platform that combines all the basic requirements of employers from all industries, improving accessibility, and simplicity of processes,'' said the co-founder of Workin at CBW.

The platform is already in beta testing mode. In their existence, they already had 10000 unique visitors, received up to 400 applications from job seekers, added around 350 vacancies, and partnered with 30 Georgian and foreign companies. Workin conducted a survey and 80% of about 150 companies said that the presence of their product is essential in today's market.