Posted: 2 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Sprenty: It was Time to Digitize Booking Sports Facilities

Sprenty was born out of frustration at how hard it was to find football stadiums for rent. It seems like, the founders were not the only one, since Sprenty's platform has already reached 600,000+ people after only 2 months since the launch date.

The process of booking something via email, phone or in person is already an antiquated idea to most. That’s exactly what people in Georgia had to do to book sports facilities like football stadiums and tennis courts. 

Sprenty solves all these issues by providing scheduling and payment solutions to sports facilities. Mariam Gagadze, Marketing and Brand Manager of Sprenty told us how it all started:

''My friends wanted to play football and decided to rent a stadium in Tbilisi. We searched for it on Google and Facebook Groups, but could not find anything. Very few people gave us the phone numbers of stadium owners, but when we called them, it turned out that, those numbers were invalid or old. After that, they went to a specific stadium only to discover that it would be unavailable for the following three weeks. As a result, we realized that sports needed to be digitalized,'' said Mariam Gagadze.

In addition to booking sports facilities online, Sprenty offers the equipment rental service: Ball, Training Bib, Tennis racket, etc. The company also provides full sports event making for companies (Tournaments, Training, etc.)

''At Sprenty we try to digitalize booking sports facilities and give users service to rent equipment. Our goal is to make every kind of sports facility online bookable, as for now we have Football, Basketball and Tennis,'' said Mariam Gagadze.

Sprenty has a team of 5 motivated people. Mariam, Levan Kevkhishvili and Nodo Latsabidze are CEOs of the startup, Luka Beruashvili works on Search Engine Optimisation and Nika Parsadanashvili is a full stack developer. Besides that, Sprenty is the part of Pavle Mgeladze’s holding re:invent, which helped them in every stage of startup developement

As Mariam tells CBW, Every day starts with booking requests, marketing strategies, and calls with stadium owners so they can provide a lot more variety of stadiums for their users.

Sprenty has been launched for nearly 2 months now. It already has 500+ registered users, 30+ stadiums available, held 10 tournaments for companies, and is growing very fast. With the marketing campaigns, Sprenty has reached 600,000+ people and the number is increasing daily.