Posted: 1 year ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Edison Tech Solutions Building Products Used by Millions of People

The main idea behind Edison Tech as a Hi-Tech Hardware/Software Product & Service Agency, as the CEO of the startup explains, is based on Thomas Edison's famous quote: ‘’Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is a success.’’

In 2017 Edison Tech was started by a group of students: Givi Beridze, Niko Sikharulidze, and Irakli Mskhiladze. Together the team was building different Hardware and Software solutions for small and medium-size organizations. The goal was to create a company with opportunities to create products that could be used by millions of people eventually. 

‘’That’s how we started Edison, the first of its kind in Georgia, where we were offering a full spectrum to our customers, starting from Idea consultation, Product design, PCB design, Software development, and Launch. Since 2017, with this idea, we’ve built over 100 hardware and software projects for local and global organizations, including 7 of our own products,’’ said Givi Beridze, CEO & Co-Founder of Edison Tech Solutions. 

We asked the founder a few questions to learn more about the services they are planning to introduce on the market: 

Our unfair advantage in the local market was that we were professionals in Hardware development, including PCB Design, 3D/2D Product Design, Manufacturing, Certification, Hardware programming, etc. We started offering our service to companies and organizations which never thought that anyone could build such a product in Georgia.  At the same time, we started working on super-complex Web solutions, management platforms, and Mobile applications.

Along the way, we have created Georgia’s largest distributor of Electrical Components and Smart techs “Edison Store” and “Edison Technology School” where before the pandemic we had over 300 monthly subscribed pupils. Currently, our training center is closed, but we are planning to re-open it.

What's the main goal you try to achieve with your startup?

Currently, we are on our way to accomplishing our goal, which from the start was to internationalize our services and get more international clients so we can work on 100x times bigger projects. Also, one of the most important ideas behind Edison Tech is to build products that can be used by millions and billions of people. We can say that some of our projects are used by millions of people, but that’s not enough.

Tell us about your team and run us through your working day.

We are a group of friends and we see each other as family members because the environment in the office is similar to a house. All three founders are responsible for their directions, which are: Software, Hardware, and 3D/2D Modeling/Manufacturing. These are just the main directions, but in general, Niko is our CTO, Givi is the CEO and Irakli is CPO. We also have Software Developers, Computer/Electrical Engineers, UX/UI Designers, and maintenance teams.

What is the platform's current stage of the startup, and what's ahead?

Right now we can say that Edison Tech is a successful “Venture” in the Georgian market and we have some success in the international market, as well. The next milestone is to make Edison Tech more popular in the USA and EU, so we can start working on enormous projects and leave our mark in the modern technology era.