Posted: 2 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Wempler- Platform that Introduces Gig Economy and Service Sharing Culture to Georgia

Wempler has created a platform that introduces the gig economy to Georgia, allowing people to discover new sources of income. 

On the other hand, Wempler is a place to connect with trusted, verified freelancers and make your life easier by delegating your tasks to them. 

We asked Aleksandre Tavkhelidze, co-founder of Wempler, how he came up with the idea and concept for the startup: 

"I came up with the idea while doing my homework, and my mother suddenly asked me to bring the repair materials home from the Eliava bazaar; there, I realized I needed someone who could perform it instead of me. I was ready to pay for the service at that particular moment. 

When I began looking for help and was unable to find one, I realized that there was no such platform, so I decided to make one. When I completed my research, I discovered that individuals are looking for an everyday helper and someone to assist them in Facebook groups. I discovered that there are more than 10 groups that have 300,000 members. I decided to provide a solution to them with Wempler, a great P2P marketplace,'' said the co-founder of Wempler. 

Aleksandre thinks that the gig economy is yet to be developed in Georgia and Wempler will develop this field. He expects that the temporary job search function will be the most popular on the platform. 

Georgia doesn't have many opportunities on international side-gig platforms. That's why it was timely to create a local platform that would shape a different approach to generating extra income:

''I'm sure that Wempler will be the platform that will monitor and promote the Gig economy. I think the Georgian market is ready and now is the perfect time to introduce this approach. We at Wempler believe that a gig economy will gain unprecedented popularity with Wempler and introduce a new culture called service sharing,''said Aleksandre Thelitze at CBW.

Wempler is currently working on the final version of the platform, which will be available to users at the end of the summer. There are many exciting plans ahead, including the conquest of other Asian countries and eventually Europe by the Wempler, a platform that will take the gig economy to new heights and introduce a new culture of employment and work.