Posted: 2 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Lawformer- Transforming Way Lawyers Approach their Work and Digitizing Processes

As most business processes become paperless, Lawformer created a legal tech platform that fully digitizes contract drafting and legal research process. 

Lawformer provides a constantly updated digital library of contract clauses and court case briefs integrated with machine learning-based smart systems which helps lawyers easily filter and find relevant content and transform their daily routine.

''Lawformer fully transforms the way lawyers approach their work, be it the composition of contracts, or conducting legal research - the two most important elements of the job, taking up 90% of their time,'' said Teo Vasadze at CBW, Co-founder of Lawformer. 

Lawformer is created by lawyers specializing in international business law, practicing in Georgian and international companies. Their team has formed a partnership with Noxtton - an IT solutions company covering product ownership and all technical aspects of the platform’s development.

As Teona Vasadze explained, the founding members meet on a daily basis for planning and task allocation, which they then delegate and complete with the rest of the team and brand affiliates residing in over 20 countries. Their daily agenda includes matters related to legal content, product development, partnerships, and affiliate management.

''Lawformer is designed for the global market, this, of course, includes the Georgian legal industry. The platform offers a perfect tool for lawyers working on cross-border transactions that are often challenged with the composition of complex documents in legal English. In addition to decreasing the time and effort required for the task completion and increasing the quality of the outcome, we give lawyers unique collaboration opportunities within and outside their law firms. Our platform is a direct gateway to the international community of practicing lawyers of which Georgian lawyers can become part,'' said the co-founder of Lawformer. 

The startup is currently participating in the Impact Hub pre-accelerator program. We asked Teona what opportunities do they expect from the program:  

''The knowledge we have gathered by the middle of the Impact hub pre-accelerator has already helped us refine our marketing and advertising strategies, a market entry strategy, and brand philosophy and pushed us to rethink the product development perspectives. In addition to the knowledge, the pre-accelerator offers networking opportunities with other start-ups and individuals with unique expertise in the fields that are relevant to our advancement. By the end of it, we hope to have secured substantial investment and formed valuable connections with potential partners,'' said Teona Vasadze. 

The platform ''Lawformer'' is at the pre-launch stage, getting ready for the final launch of the product in early June.