Posted: 2 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Nebula: Providing Young Georgians with Access to Global Knowledge

An educational platform Nebula has advanced to the finals of the Social Impact Award. Nebula encourages young people's drive to learn, by creating high-quality digital educational resources.
We asked a few questions to Giorgi Chilaia, Founder and Chief Executive to learn about the concept and how they implemented their idea:

I was in a dire need of assistance. The national exams were at the door. All my peers would study at fancy training hubs and prestigious schools and have these ultra-professional tutors preparing them for all sorts of difficulties.

Back then, all I knew was some English and maybe a couple of keywords to put into the Google search engine and that's what I did. The resources I found there were fascinating, I'd study each and every subject with undivided attention and be mesmerized by the immersive nature of these awesome resources. Then I thought hey, there are others like me and we should have our own MOOCs platform that tells the story of the universe and its laws in a youthful and relatable manner.
That's how the idea of Nebula was conceived.

What’s the most noteworthy service you’ve introduced on your platform?

I'd say it's the personalization algorithm. Basically, our website analyzes your fundamental knowledge into islands of expertise and deserts of sterility. Once we know what you know, we start crafting your personal path to mastery.

We're looking for the issues in the foundations of your knowledge and address those learning objectives first. Then, we look at the whole picture and feed you the information you need to score what you ought to.

What's the main goal you try to achieve with Nebula?

There are many answers to this question, all of which fall under one simple fact. We're all Homo Sapiens. Our species are just as strong as competent, as successful as well-trained and no other criteria dictate one's well-being better than the education received at the early stages of life.

It's pity that according to PISA, Georgia falls behind 71 countries out of 77 in maths, natural sciences and language comprehension. Do you know what this means? In 10 years we will have one million new workers untrained for the social and economical challenges of the time.

All of my team's and my efforts are dedicated to making global knowledge accessible for the young Georgian citizens in one way or another.

Congratulations on becoming a finalist in the Social Impact Awards! What opportunities does this program give to Nebula?

Thank you. Well, there's a lot of it. First and foremost, solely the support and appreciation of our work play an invaluable role in the marathon towards a goal that sometimes seems like a piece of imagination. It takes some confidence to pursue an idea and a network of like-minded social entrepreneurs provides us with just that. The expertise that these mentors and participants hold is of crucial importance to us.

What is the platform's current stage of development, and what's ahead?

We're currently reanimating our existing resources and working on the MOOC platform extensively. MOOC is like a digital library accessible from any spot connected to the internet. Within a year we'll have all 10 subjects at our disposal and that's when we start sharing our educational technologies with training hubs, individual trainers and local schools.

And last but not least is the project we call the "Milky Way". I can't reveal much about it but can tell you that it will work as a massive viaduct between the Georgian schoolchildren and Western universities.