Educational Startup 300tsavleblo With the Aim to Improve Teaching and Learning Quality

300tsavleblo connects a student and teacher with eacher other and creates a modern experience of learning. CBW had an interview with founders of the startup- Tekla Mugasashvili and Teona Porchkhadze.

Sambrela Presents Blockchain-Based Cybersport Gaming Platform 'Fabula'

Sambrela is a game development and entertainment company that presented a new project called Fabula. Fabula is a blockchain-based cybersport gaming platform that connects mobile game developers with their users.

Startups That Produce Georgian Themed Gifts   

Use this list to assist you in finding the perfect gift. 

Handmade Decorative Mirrors by Anna's Handmade

Anna's handmade is a newly-created startup, which initially made Christmas accessories, but currently, it also offers its customers handmade decorative mirrors. CBW had an interview with its founder, Ana Khubua.

Startup Edupay Receives 300,000 GEL Investment from Local Investor

EduPay, the software that assists universities, schools, and training centers in managing the financial system for tuition payment has recently received 300 000 Investments from the local Investors.

Jewelry Reflecting Your Personality - Story of Mood Store

Mood Store is a newly-created startup, which produces colorful necklaces and bracelets. CBW had an interview with its founder, Mariam Skhirtladze.

Aembi's Paradise for Stationery Lovers and Their Almighty Notebooks

‘’Our main product, the notebook, appears to be an ordinary object at first glance, but I believe its significance is far greater- it successfully performs the duty of a kind of psychologist.''

''I wanted to Prove You Can Start Business at Any Age and Started Creating Georgian Supras''

Nineli Shavliashvili is a 63 years old entrepreneur and she has proved it’s never too late to start your own business. 

Farco Introduces High-Tech Device Allowing Farmers to Run Their Greenhouses Remotely

Farco is an automated greenhouse and farm management system that allows farmers to get information about the climate in farming from anywhere in the world and manage various systems based on this data.