Posted: 1 month ago

Bags with Georgian Prints - The One

The One is a newly-founded startup by Masho Iashvili and Likuna Natroshvili.

Friends with different professions decided to create a startup, which would eventually transform into business in the Georgian market. The inspiration for founding The One was summer, warmth, diverse colors, etc.

"When we started thinking of what we would offer our customers, we came to a decision to make beautiful bags for women with summer vibes. It was followed by making laptop bags since we discovered that there was a lack of quality in Georgian markets on that kind of product. So we added laptop bags with old Georgian prints, which now have Georgian authentic characteristics.

We formed an agreement with TBC and the Art Palace within the project "New Life of Old Georgian Fabric" and then we started sewing bags."

After a month and a half of searching and working actively in this field, they created the first collection of laptop bags and placed them on their online platforms on Facebook and Instagram.

"As for the customer's response, we have positive feedback. Not only Georgians but also foreigners buy our products. The most important thing is that they often buy our bags as a gift. Each of our products comes with its own passport where the history of the print is written."

According to the founders, one of the biggest difficulties is to raise awareness about their products.

"We are constantly trying to popularize our production and to become as famous as possible as a brand in Georgia."

As for the future plans, they envisage adding different types of bags to their collection. Long-term goals also involve entering an international market.