Posted: 3 years ago

Jewelry Reflecting Your Personality - Story of Mood Store

Mood Store is a newly-created startup, which produces colorful necklaces and bracelets. CBW had an interview with its founder, Mariam Skhirtladze.

"I recently graduated from GIPA university, my faculty was focused on public administration. Currently, I want to do handicrafts, and this process gives me the greatest pleasure and peace. Creating a Mood Store was the most unexpected and spontaneous decision I made in my life. For all creative people, as well as for me, muse and inspiration are of the utmost importance. At this point, I feel how much I want to work in this field, which eventually became an inspiration to create accessories not only for me but for the general public."

According to her, she always loved to make accessories in her childhood.

"I was still studying at school, (probably 12-13 years old) when I handed over my own handmade earrings and necklaces to the shop across the street and sold them for a meager amount."

Unfortunately, this did not last long. She kept a lot of beads and tools for about 12 years until her heart was drawn to handicrafts again.

"I could never have imagined if I would take the risk and create my own startup since I felt I had neither enough self-confidence nor the skills to do so. However, probably in everyone's life there comes a stage when we want to prove something to ourselves. As a result, without much thought, I decided to pursue this career."

Mood Store is only several days old. In 24 hours, it had more than 100 followers on its official Facebook page. 

"In the first days, I received warm messages from complete strangers, sales started the very next day after opening the page. Apart from necklaces and bracelets, I plan to make both waist and leg accessories in the near future."

As for the difficulties and challenges Mood Store had to overcome, Mariam Skhirtladze tells us about a huge competition that exists currently on the market.  

"Lots of startups have been created in this field so far and that's the main challenge. The issue of establishing oneself in society can be considered as a difficulty. You need to create and maintain your style, the quality that sets you apart from others, and to have positive communication with the customer. I think no matter how good a collection you have, you can do nothing if you can not even communicate with your followers.

The pandemic played a huge role in her work.

"Due to the fact, that people switched to an online platform, mostly, it made easier for startups to communicate with customers and establish themselves on social networks."

Mood Store's production is available on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

"I plan to diversify the collection with different types of accessories in the near future. Each of the items should be presented in an exclusive version, which means that no two identical pieces of jewelry will be made."