Ways to Simplify Event Planning Process Through D.tale App

D.tale is an event planning APP and web platform that simplifies event planning and inventory ordering process. Clients can get advice, assistance and inspiration in one place.

MIT Resident Angel Investor Holds Masterclass for Georgian Investors and Startups

To strengthen the culture of investing in startups in Georgia, BTU has planned a master class for Angel Investor, a resident of MIT, the world's highest rated university.

Demand for Decorative Candles Grows on Georgian Market: New Brand Abigael

Tinatin Sikharulidze came up with the idea of starting a business during the pandemic and Abigael candles have been successfully sold on the market for about 2 months.

Reviving and Creating Memories - Miyage's Crafting Concept

The newly-created startup, Miyage, which unites crafted goods, creative and unique items stands out on the market as a reviver of memories. 

Buy or Sell Car –New Startup by CARU Founders

Caru’s new startup has raised much interest among customers. As the automobile sales and purchase consulting company, Carousel assists customers in buying automobiles.

Georgian Brand of Natural Face and Body Care Products Plans to Expand Production

Georgian brand Kirke plans to expand production.Kirke offers customers natural, biodegradable soaps and cosmetics. Products without chemical additives are made by hand.

Startup OxGen and GITA Sign Grant Agreement

LLC OxGen startup has won the 650,000-GEL grant of Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA).

Anna Glow Makes Jewelry That Comes from a Legend

Ana Sturua-Melikishvili has been making jewelry since 2016. Anna Glow is her second jewelry brand she founded after Dots & Dashes that produces Morse encrypted bracelets.

US Investors Establish 500,000-USD Foundation to Fund Georgian Startups

US investors have established a 500,000-USD foundation to finance GITA startups. Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) and TECH Friends of Georgia have already signed a memorandum on mutual understanding.