Posted: 3 years ago

WOLLIP Plans to Use Georgian Wool Content for Soft Decor

Wollip is a new Georgian brand on the market, founded by Salome and Ani Lekishvili.

As one of the company's co-founders told Business Partner, Wollip was created to make people's home environments more harmonious, and the reason for this is the pandemic and the long time spent at home in 2020. 

Salome Lekishvili says that the idea of ​​creating a visually interesting and at the same time comfortable decor piece arose during the pandemic. ''This product did not actually exist in the Georgian market and therefore we had a logical expectation that the interest would be quite high. The demand is higher than we expected. We managed to make each model unique and the collection so diverse that people can find a desired pillow in every fabric, color suitable for their interior, ”said Salome Lekishvili.

At this stage, Wollip users can purchase on Facebook and Instagram platforms, priced from 55 to 150 GEL. The company also plans to place its products on the international platform Etsy.

"In the future, of course, we have a very interesting vision for the development of our product and a project that will be especially important for brand positioning. This refers to the addition of Georgian wool to the Wollip pillows. The Georgian motives of the product will be especially valuable for us, as the creators of Wollip, and we think it will be much more interesting for both Georgian consumers and the Etsy platform, ”said Ani Lekishvili.

According to the founders of Wollip, quite a lot of resources go into the selection of fabrics and try to easily adapt to any human taste with a variety of unique and different fabrics.

"Due to the uniqueness of Wollip, it is difficult to get orders and create many identical products by default. However, this is a matter of negotiation and, of course, will be considered in some cases if we have the resources to do so at the moment.

We are still working on certain issues and after their implementation we will definitely get involved in co-financing projects, because we think that this product has the opportunity to develop, "- said Salome Lekishvili.