Viticulturists Already Received GEL156.7 Million from the Sale of Grapes

At the moment, 156,131 tons of grapes have been processed in Kakheti within the framework of "Vintage 2020".

Winegrowers Sell 120,000 Tons of Grapes in Kakheti Region

Kakhetian winegrowers have already sold 120,000 tons of grapes to about 60 winemaking companies as for September 21, the Georgian Agriculture Ministry reports.

Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli to Manufacture Qvevris

Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli Company plans to manufacture Qvevris in Kakheti Region.

Viticulturists Already Received 8.6 Million from the Sale of Grapes

The vintage is entering an active phase in Kakheti.

Government to Employ Young People at Winemaking Companies during Vintage 2020

The National Wine Agency will employ young people as operators at Kakheti-based winemaking companies as part of the 2020 vintage.

Vintage 2020 Underway in Kakheti Region; Forecast Harvest is about 300,000 Tons

The Vintage 2020 has started in Kakheti Region. As BM.GE was told at the National Wine Agency, as for August 26, winemaking companies have processed over 200 tons of grapes.

Coordination Headquarters for Grape Harvest Established in Telavi

A Coordination Headquarters has been set up in Telavi in order to promote a well-organized and successful 2020 grape harvest.

Barakoni Winery Company to Develop Wine Tourism

Wine tourism-oriented company Barakoni Winery plans to develop this direction further.

Wine Agency: 20,000 Winegrowers will Participate in Vintage Subsidization Program

About 20,000 winegrowers will participate in the state subsidization program, the National Wine Agency reports.