Preparation for Vintage in Georgia has Begun

An abundant harvest is expected on the vintage this year. The government has already started working on the project.

Tsarapi - Sakpatenti Registered a New Appellation of Origin for Wine

National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia registered new wine - Tsarapi to Protected Designations of Origin.

Khetsuriani Sommelier School Gives Online Wine Classes

The Khetsuriani Sommelier School and the Georgian Sommelier Association are launching online wine courses. For each webinar, the trainees will receive theoretical material in advance; all lecturers will work in Live.

Exports of Georgian Wine Grow in the United States

Georgian wine producers participated in the International “Wine Expo New York” Exhibition of Wine and alcoholic beverages held in New York.

Georgian Winemaking Companies Participate in Vinexpo New York International Exhibition

With the support of the National Wine Agency, twelve Georgian winemaking companies have taken part in Vinexpo New York

Bolnisi Old Cellar to Sell Wine in England

Bolnisi Old Cellar will sell wine in England. Export talks have already begun and test samples have been sent.

Georgian Wine and Exports Markets

Based on the statistics of the last few years, Georgian wine exports are declining. The

KTW to Arrange Vineyards on Unprecedented Space in Gurjaani

Gurjaani AGRO, an affiliated company of KTW Group, plans to arrange new vineyards on the unprecedented space.

Updates and Predictions on Georgian Alcoholic Beverages by TBC Research

Wine production is gaining momentum in Georgia, underpinned by the growing harvest and demand from international markets.