"Solomone" - Georgian Wine Combining History and Contemporary

"Solomone" is a Georgian word and means wine made from Imereti grape varieties, which combines centuries of history and modernity - probably, such an explanation would have been in the wine encyclopedia.

Europe, USA, Canada – Natenadze’s Wines Go to Export Markets

After a 5-month break, Giorgi Natenadze, founder of Meskhetian Winemaking Company “Meskhetian Brand”, resumed exports of wines of “Natenadze’s Wine Cellar” Company.

GDG Group to Open Winery and Chateau in Vani in Summer 2021

GDG Group will open a winery and a chateau in the city of Vani, Imereti Region, in the summer, 2021.

Leonid Parfyonov is Making Documentary about Georgian Wine

"In Qvevri Veritas" - a new documentary film about Georgian wine, traditional methods and wine culture is being made. 

Tbilvino Sees 20% Increase in Exports and Gains 5 New Partners Despite Pandemic

Wine company Tbilvino added 5 new partners to the export markets during the pandemic.

Georgian Wine Exports Grow in September

In September 2020, Georgia exported wines of $21.265 million and this is the maximum volume of the year.

Khimshura - Unique Wine Variety by 22-Year-Old Winemaker Girl from Racha Region

Nino Giorgobiani, a 22-year-old winemaker girl in Racha Region, has been producing a unique wine variety of Khimshura

Mad about Georgian wine: Meet Daria Kholodilina

Meet Daria Kholodilina, travel blogger and founder of Wines and Trails and Wine Junkies. 

How Stricter Regulations on Restaurants May Affect Winemaking Business

Wine consumption at restaurants will essentially decline after 22:00 pm and at night stronger drinks and spirits are sold after the government tightened regulations on restaurants several days ago,